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How Safe Is Your Website In The Current Internet Landscape?

Cybersecurity is the number one thing you should invest in in the digital era. Especially as a business, this is a core concern you should always be aware of. Without monitoring efforts, your website could be under attack without you even knowing, and your analytics themselves could even be impacted. And in the current internet landscape, there’s a lot of worry to be aware of.

Let’s have a look at a few of the most pressing down below. 

How Fast Do Your Pages Load?

If your website suddenly loads very slowly, it’s not just a sign people are trying to get onto it en masse. It could be a sign that your pages are being blocked from loading by something like a DDOS, or that your code has been tweaked by outside access. In some cases, it could even be set to duplicate, slowing down the entire process and ensuring no one can get on to surf your product categories. This translates into a disaster in the digital world. 

Some Traffic Could Be Fraudulent 

It’s true – some traffic could be coming from a malicious source that’s using IP masking to stop you from seeing its true origin. And while you’re celebrating the amount of new and various traffic coming your way, it could just be a bot or a scammer upping the numbers. 

In the digital age, this is bad news for many reasons. For one it could lower your ranking with Google, as they might notice this fraudulent traffic and blame you for it. It could also be the start of a coordinated attack to see how secure your site is. Unchecked, this could lead to security problems down the line. 

When Did You Last Update Your Firewall?

The firewall installed on your website might be out of date, or it might have already been breached. Either way, it’s not working the way it was intended! And even though it’s been allocated, it’s not going to do a thing to keep your website safe. So check on the firewall at least once a month; they’re also good for blocking IP addresses that originate from the same place. 

Your Code Could Be Weak

Did you make your website from scratch, or hire a webmaster to do so for you? Or did you work with a website builder and use templates to get it up and running? If the latter is true for you, there’s a chance your code is weak and could be targeted at any time. 

After all, many websites out there will use a variation of this code, and the differences don’t tend to be big enough to prevent someone from copying one hack to use for another. As soon as you’ve got the budget to, you’ll want to get your own website made, so you can be sure it’s strong enough. 

The current internet landscape is dangerous. Make sure you’ve got an eye on malicious intrusion attempts, no matter where they come from. 

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