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Reasons You Should Always Take Your PTO

It might seem like a shocking statistic, but millions of people across the globe and over half of the working population of America don’t use their paid time off. If you are the type of person who can’t wait to maximize your PTO and takes breaks often and regularly, then you are already benefiting from taking those days off. 

If you are one of the millions of people who don’t make the most of their time off, here are some reasons that no matter what, you need to book it AND take it – no matter how busy your work gets. 


Burnout is no joke, and when it hits – it hits hard. It is becoming increasingly common due to the demands of the modern workplace. Unfortunately, the employees that are the most highly engaged are the ones who are more likely to struggle with burnout. The common signs of burnout are things like feelings of stress that don’t seem to reduce with short rests, fatigue that seems to be impossible to sleep away, and a decrease in performance. 

Burnout is most common among people who aren’t taking the right amount of breaks from work. 

Economic factors

work stress

For your own personal economics, taking your paid time off is the smart thing to do. With millions of Americans not using theirs, that is about $62.2 billion in unclaimed/lost benefits. 

The flip side is that places that need tourism to thrive will receive a reduced amount of visitors. When there is less tourism, there are fewer jobs and less money going back into the economy in those places. 

Time with loved ones

While it is true that not everyone has a family, and not everyone wants to spend condensed time with theirs – taking your paid time off relieves the pressure for those who do. If there is a parent at home who is doing the heavy lifting with running the home and taking care of the children, relationships can be strained. 

Taking your paid time off means that you can focus on your family and the relationships that after the most to you. 

While your career could be something that you are incredibly proud of, and you focus on making more money and climbing the ladder into high-level roles – remember to make memories with the people around you too. 

The Pursuit of Happiness 


The psychological impact of no rest is big and something that can’t be ignored. The happiest countries in the world are the ones where the people don’t have a career at the top of mind – but rather enjoy their time off and take it when they want to. 

People who take time off regularly report that they are happier with their relationships, health, and other areas of their life too. 

Ultimately it is our health that will pay the price when we decide to take no time off and go full tilt for a while. We need rest, recuperation, and time away from our work to ensure we have some sort of balance. 

Making the most of your paid time off is one of the ways to get a great work-life balance; here are some others: 5 Best Ways to Achieve a Thriving Work-Life Balance – Times International

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