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Learning SEO from Scratch: Where to Begin?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization aims to improve a website’s ranking. It results in leading positions in SERP, so more clients get attracted for free. In a nutshell, SEO specialists conduct a set of actions to make websites appear #1 after paid results when users search relevant requests.

SEO experts should have a large number of skills in different areas. First, they have to know how search engines and websites work. Besides, they need to have a strong understanding of the marketing niche and have great technical expertise. Consequently, many people who want to learn SEO from scratch experience issues because they don’t know where to start to become skilled specialists.

Start from Basics

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If you want to become a search engine optimization expert, you have to start from the basics. Feel free to open a browser and specify your requests. Skip paid ads that are usually the first 2-4 results. The top results you will find are websites optimized by the best specialists, so there is a great chance to find guidance from true professionals. 

Feel free to explore dozens of sites to understand what SEO is and how it works in a nutshell. Also, you will discover how to research relevant keywords, set links, and learn more about other crucial factors that affect ranking. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remember all the information fast. Therefore, don’t be shy about bookmarking sites that offer many helpful details to reach them later. Also, it’s recommended to note all the details and review them constantly to grasp the basics.

Enroll in Video Courses

One of the most convenient ways to learn new skills is to watch video guides created by other experts. By watching them, people consume visual and audio information that increases the performance of learning significantly. There are a lot of great video courses from skilled professionals. You can find paid and free videos on Search Engine Optimization on different education platforms. Such services offer the opportunity to evaluate the quality of knowledge offered by tutors by examining comments or ratings.

Most courses are batched by short videos that cover different topics. It is a very convenient way to grasp information. Also, they can be downloaded, so you can learn new skills in Search Engine Optimization anytime at any location. Since most courses need people to invest a sustainable amount of time in learning, it’s recommended to choose them wisely.

Increase Technical Expertise

One of the primary misconceptions is that SEO specialists are responsible for creating optimized content for websites. Indeed, content is king. However, it’s not the only factor that affects sites’ ranking. Successful professionals in the niche have outstanding technical skills. For example, they know how search algorithms work. 

working on a laptop

Also, they know how to configure servers and sites to make Google and other search engines consider them the best picks. You have to be familiar with HTML, a markup language, to apply proper heading and set properties to links in articles. Also, you should learn how to set 301 redirects, configure permission, and enable compression on servers to increase the transfer speed. In addition, discover how to install SSL certificates because it affects a website’s ranking. 

Finally, it’s recommended to learn how to use the most popular content management systems like WordPress. In most cases, SEO specialists optimize websites that are run on content management systems.

Find a Mentor and Practice

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to become an expert in search engine optimizations if you don’t practice. If you want to achieve significant results fast, you have to find a mentor and learn from a skilled specialist. Feel free to apply for an internship to get practical skills. 

However, if there are no entry positions in your area or you’re a student, feel free to practice using your computer. In case you are always burdened with a large number of assignments, find a reliable paper writing company to delegate your homework. Feel free to specify the following question, “Can anyone pay me to do your homework?” on Google and explore the top results. 

Having a lot of spare time, you can launch a new website and apply all the skills you learned to attract visitors for free. Being on a shoestring, you can start practicing without spending a penny. A lot of companies offer free hosting as a promotion. Also, you can install a free CMS and register a free domain name. Then, you will be able to connect Google Analytics and verify your site at Google Search Console to learn how these tools work by yourself. 

Note, search engines update their algorithm constantly. Therefore, it’s important to keep your skills up to date. To optimize websites professionally, you have to follow all the updates. Feel free to start following some social media groups that post the latest updates related to SEO.

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