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Knowing Your Rights As An Employee

Employee rights are something that a lot of people don’t really know much about. Consequently, it leads to many of us being mistreated in our careers without realizing that we could be taking action. There are many things that you should expect when working for someone else.

One of these things is obvious; you expect to be paid a fair and equal wage regardless of who you are. If you’re a woman that’s being paid less than a man doing the same job at the same company, you can definitely take legal action or demand a raise. 

Moreover, there are many other rights you are entitled to as a worker, so it’s time you started to understand them!

You have a right to fair treatment at work

Every employee has the right to be treated fairly at work and not be discriminated against. Regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or anything else, you should be treated the same way as everyone else in your place of work. If you notice that you’re perhaps being unfairly treated, and you can’t see why then you can take action against your employer.

Flag it up with them or HR, and question why you’re being treated unfairly? It can be a smart idea to consult with a legal advisor to see if there’s discrimination at work. If there is, you’re more than entitled to sue the company. 

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You have a right to compensation if you’re injured at work

There can be numerous instances when someone gets injured at work. If you work in a particularly dangerous setting – like a construction site – the chances of being injured will be pretty high. But, if you get injured and have to spend time off work, you are entitled to compensation and benefits.

Your employer should cover the cost of medical bills through worker’s compensation insurance. Furthermore, if you consult with disability lawyers, you’ll discover that you are entitled to disability benefits if you’re unable to work because of the injury.

Too many employers will not pay their employees if they get injured at work, and you just accept this for what it is. However, you shouldn’t accept it; know your rights!

You have a right to receive reasonable accommodations

This means you have the right to see things change at work. To be more specific, you may have a medical condition or religious beliefs that make you unable to do certain things in the workplace. As per the law, you have a right to ask your employer to make reasonable changes for you.

As an example, they should make changes to the layout of the office to make it more accommodating for someone in a wheelchair. Or, they should allow you to take a break to go and pray if you’re Muslim. If your employer doesn’t make any changes to help you, then they are technically going against your rights as an employee. 

It is always worth knowing what your rights are in any given situation. This way, you can easily spot when you’re being treated unfairly. Don’t be afraid to speak up against unfair treatment in the workplace or to take legal action if you deem it necessary. 

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