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What Careers Will Always Be In Demand?

There are many reasons why you might choose one profession over another. For example, you could be motivated by the desire to have a high income or to do something that you truly love. But there’s another factor that you should keep in mind, too: whether that career will still be around in ten years and beyond. Though it’s not often mentioned, the rise of machines is coming — and some studies suggest that they could be responsible for the loss of 40% of jobs. That’s a lot of jobs! The good news is that robots can’t do everything. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the careers that will always be in demand.

Culinary and Food Consumption

People love going out to a restaurant for many reasons. There’s the ambiance, the social factor, and, of course, the food. While there will come a time when robots can make some meals, they won’t be able to make meals to the same standard that a professional chef can. Their work is like art. Plus, if you become a chef, then you can more or less travel the world since it’s a skill that everyone appreciates. Everyone has to eat!


Even if robots could teach children, the chances are that nobody would agree to it. Why? Because teachers don’t just relay information — they educate, inform, and guide. They inspire. And that’s not something that a robot will be able to do anytime soon. As with most other jobs on this list, teaching is something that, once you have your qualifications, you’ll more or less be able to do for the rest of your life. It’s one of the most secure job options out there. It’s also varied — you can teach humans of any age.

The Medical Field

People wouldn’t trust a robot to take over the medical world. There’ll come a time when robots assist with surgery, but it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll do an entire surgery themselves, especially the more complicated ones. And with general medicine, they’ll likely be nowhere near the patient. The medical field is another job that is pretty secure — indeed, the demand for doctors and nurses is expected to balloon in the coming years. Start your training now, and you’ll have a job for life.


People will always have problems and will always want to overcome those problems. If they have a specific injury, then they won’t want a robot — they’ll want a trained physical expert to help them. Study on the Keiser University physical therapist program, and you’ll be on your way to having a job that’ll always be in demand. Mental health is another area where people will want help. Therapists aren’t going anywhere!

The Arts

Finally, there’s the arts. Will a robot ever write a book and paint a painting? Sure they will. Will people be as interested in them as they are human creations? Nope. It’s the human expression that catches the imagination, not just the expression.

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