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How To Say Thank You To Your Employees This Holiday Season

Halloween is just around the corner and this means Christmas is not far behind. Employees have been working hard all year, all through the lockdowns and pandemics, so how can you show them that they are important to you this year? It is time to get ready to give your employees some amazing presents this holiday season.

Dinner on you

Once upon a time, there was a habit of companies gifting a Christmas dinner to the employees of the company. Somewhere down the line, this stopped happening and we think it is time to bring it back. A grocery store gift voucher is a great way to give your employees a Christmas dinner without having to carry a load of ham into the office yourself. This is a better way to do it because employees can choose what they want to buy with the voucher. All you need to do is load it up with some money and let them buy whatever they need for their dinner.

Paid time off

How many companies actually give their employees paid time off over the Christmas holidays? There are not that many because everyone seems to be open over the holidays. This is tempting to stay open but this is terrible for your employees who just want to relax in their homes and eat food with the voucher that you gave them. For something really wacky, close your business at noon on Christmas Eve and don’t reopen until 9am on 27th December. Trust us, your employees will love having that time with their family and relaxing. 


Hampers used to be filled with food but if you are giving them a gift voucher for their Christmas dinner, you can give them a hamper of different goodies. There are plenty of different things that you put in a hamper such as cosmetics or tech items. Think outside the box and try to get items from local businesses that your employees will love. This is also a great way to support small businesses during the holiday season. You could theme it around your business and add items that have some vague connection. For example, if you have a craft shop, add a pin that looks like a ball of wool and a tote bag that says Stitch Craft.

Adult learning

If you know that your employees love to learn new things, then you can help them with this quest for knowledge. There are plenty of places that offer online learning that can help to advance their careers and their knowledge. This could be anything from language courses to degrees in Art History. If you can, try and find out what interests them and see if you can find a course that they can do part-time. One of the most popular options is a cooking course so that they can refine their skills at home. Plus, if it happens to be baking class, you might get some buns and cakes brought into the office for break time too. 

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