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Stop Treating Social Media Like An Island

Every business has been trying to master their social media since it became a thing. Yet, only some companies have succeeded. We can say for a fact that social media has been done very well by companies like Tesla. They make polls, funny posts, they self-deprecate and they link themselves to ongoing trends. This is all part and parcel of being a modern company among a modern culture. But so many companies treat social media like it’s an island like it’s a destination that you have to go to in order to experience it. You don’t have to be in the mood to do social media, it should be as normal as breathing for any brand.

Your content must link

Have you ever read a business blog post and you couldn’t quite figure out what it had to do with what the business was doing now? Yeah, it’s done too often. Businesses that know what they are doing, will link every blog post they make with the current trends. For example, Samsung was recently marketing its fold phones. The fad online was all about the Motorola folding phone that was popular when mobile phones began to get more creative. They explained in their blog posts how their new Fold is an evolution of a concept that was new and exciting. It’s amazing how they were able to link blog content for their brand, to another brand, to a fad, and to the desperate need for new exciting smartphone tech. Think like this!

On-going campaign analysis

Every single brand that wants to get on-trend, wants to stay on-trend. They can only do this if they have complete social media marketing services that are analyzing their campaign in order to shift it as the winds shift too. For example, the culture on social media changes rapidly. It might be different week to week month to month. If your campaign is weeks or months in total, you need to move with the waves and get on the cultural trends, use effective hashtags, get used to the new memes and ditch the old ones. To keep current, you need an ongoing analysis of your campaigns.

Research your content 

Just because social media is changing doesn’t mean there’s no method to the madness. You will find that if you do adequate research, you can understand why certain content works while others don’t. You should try to search what kind of content is rising in popularity using software like Google Adwords. Content is informational and educates the reader is always popular but you have to know what readers would like to learn about a product before you get typing. Keyphrases are also important as content needs to adapt to every customer that could potentially want what you are selling. For example, customers might want joggers, you’ve got to pounce on this whether it’s cotton or woolen jogger pants.

Social media isn’t an island with its own set of rules and laws, it’s an everyday culture that gets expressed and shared and every brand should be aware of how to maximize it.

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