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How to manage budget bucket: automating finances

It is not customary in society to talk about money or discuss your salary publicly. However, every third inhabitant of the planet faces a lack of funds (from nowhere) at the end of the month.

Why does this happen?

It is because a person’s goals for optimizing his budget are not defined, and minimal financial literacy knowledge does not allow him to distribute money based on his expenses and income correctly. Budget planning and its optimization are the main whales on which the management of family finances and funds in the business sphere is based.

Debts and budget management

The first question many ask is how to stay out of debt and avoid taking out loans. Everything is simple. It is enough to develop self-control, and if you want to make expensive purchases without using credit funds, you only need to learn how to put money into envelopes correctly. That way, you will have a reserve sum at the end of the month or half a year. You will be motivated to achieve your goal with such a savings system. It is always more pleasant to spend the deferred funds on your dreams! 

If you have a loan and need to pay it off as much as possible, set a goal and follow it. Do not skip loan payments, and make a monthly surcharge, so you will cover the bank’s interest and bring the moment of termination of the loan agreement closer, getting rid of the bondage.

Financial control and management

finance and accounting

It is easy to learn to control your finances. You need to recalculate them more often and automate your family accounting system. You must agree that making a book in a barn with a drawn table of income and expenses is not modern. Today, there are dozens of useful programs and applications for computers, laptops, smartphones, and iPhones. For example, it is easy to become financially independent by downloading and installing the PocketGuard application. The following tasks are easily accessible in the program:

  • store income and expense data safely;
  • optimize budget, allocate future expenses by name;
  • link cards, loans, and investments into one program for easy transactions. 

Some people believe they need to earn more if they don’t have enough. It is true to some extent. Some say that the more a person earns, the more he spends. However, money continues to slip through your fingers as it does. It is enough to restrain your impulses, stop making unexpected purchases, and start planning to avoid unpleasant moments.

Of course, motivation is necessary to realize what you have planned. The app on your phone will visually be in front of your eyes. You will soon get used to entering expenses and income into it. Automating processes will bring you closer to success, much faster than it seems.

Turn controlling your funds into a pleasant hobby

pink finance sheet

Develop a good habit of entering your money into your accounting program daily. It’s an enjoyable procedure that will help you reduce those small expenses that aren’t necessary in the future.

Mobile apps can make tracking expenses and budget planning much more manageable. For example, they allow you to connect all your bank accounts and cards so that the app automatically shows transactions.

As with anything else, it’s important not to overdo it in managing your family budget. There are several ways to make it a fun pastime rather than a chore:

  1. Install an app on your phone and computer to record your spending and income.  
  2. Use programs that collect information about prices for similar items in different stores, discounts, and promotions. 
  3. You can buy most things sold in stores using popular classifieds or delivery services. You only have to take a picture of the item you want and use the photo search.

Keeping track of personal finances is one of the most essential modern skills. Almost no one has it initially, as parents and schools often overlook this point. Therefore, its mastering lies on your shoulders. Fortunately, there are many methods, approaches, and applications for this nowadays.

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