How to Find the Best ID Card Printer

You’ve read hundreds of reviews why a specific printer is the best value for your investment. However, the best printer for other businesses may not mean it is the best printer for your needs.  Your business has different requirements, and relying on other people’s opinions without carefully understanding your needs and specs of a printer may result in an unwise decision that’s going to cost you a heft expense..

Different Types of ID Card Printers for All Kinds Of Businesses

Whether you are a small-scale or large-scale business, you need to understand the different types of printers because they provide different quantity and quality outputs.

Direct-to-Card Printers: This is the most common type of printer you will find everywhere. These printers print directly on the cards, they are fast, and you can choose from a huge variety of speeds and quality.

Retransfer Printers: These are slightly different from direct-to-card transfer as they use high-quality prints, create the design first, and then print. They are also used for smart carts that are more bumpy and uneven than regular ID cards. The retransfer printer gives you high-quality and detailed images that can be used for smart cards with embedded electronics. For smart cards, most companies use a retransfer printer.

Once you are aware of the difference between the two, you can make an educated decision according to the following factors.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Printer

For any business to run smoothly, you need to understand the requirements before investing in assets. Printers don’t come cheap, so it’s best to invest in the right one in one go. Here are some common requirements that most businesses have; these will help you understand which model will suit you the best.

1.    Volume

The first and foremost is the volume; how many cards are you going to print in a day or a week? High-volume printers are designed to churn out a massive number of cards per day; these are ideal for large-scale businesses, hospitals, and major universities and colleges. Such printers ensure efficiency and durability. For small-scale businesses, it’s better to go for lower-volume models as they are more cost-effective.

2.    Print Quality Of the ID Card

Another requirement is the details you need on your ID cards. If you are looking for a detailed and high-resolution printer, you will need to increase your budget and invest in retransfer printers. Your best bet for high-quality printers is the Fargo HDP6600XE ID Card Printer.

3.    Security Markers

Security features like hologram overlays or UV printing are also something most businesses care about. Such printers are also expensive, but they are the best way to avoid unauthorised duplication and counterfeiting.

4.    User-Friendly Interface

One of the best qualities that all businesses need is ease of use. Especially if more than one person is going to access the printer; apart from that, you should also look for printers that are easily integrated with the existing system. Moreover, choose a company that offers customer support and designs printers that are easy to maintain.

Follow your requirements and you will be able to invest in the best printer for your business without any hassle.

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