Books about social changes & processes to read in 2023

Every educated person should read books to expand their worldview and to be an exciting and versatile interlocutor. After all, literature gives a person knowledge, helps them not to make mistakes, and get out of any situation competently. We have collected for you a selection of books that everyone should read.

These are books about social changes that impacted lots of people for the better. They make you think about life and teach you many things.

“Things fall apart” by Chinua Achebe

The novel “Things fall apart” is about the distant past of Nigeria, about the tragic times of the colonization of Africa. Reproducing the story of the courageous and strong man Okonkwo, who embodies the best qualities of a warrior and a fighter. The writer set himself the goal of protecting the trampled dignity of Africans, rehabilitating his country’s past, not only crossed out but also falsified by the British colonizers.

It is the first part of the author’s unfinished trilogy, which has been translated into 50 languages and sold over 10 million copies. Very often in schools, they give the task of writing an essay based on this book. Not every student has good writing skills. It is not a problem because you can find things fall apart essay examples. After reading these essays, you will be able to write your own essay and understand why this book has become the most-read book in Africa.

“1984” by George Orwell

It’s one of the most famous dystopian novels, which at one time was banned even in the USA. The author shows us a world where the Ministry of Peace is responsible for the war, and the Ministry of Love deals with punishment. Every TV screen in this world follows you 24/7, and the whole society obeys only one party. It is forbidden to think otherwise. The author shows the totalitarian regime and reveals the concepts of freedom, morality, and justice in a new way. But the scariest thing is that you can recognize our world today in this story.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde

Once, a charming young man, Dorian Gray, demanded to remain young forever. His wish comes true, somewhat distorted – instead of Gray himself, his portrait begins to age. The picture does not just age but becomes uglier with each terrible deed of the main character. It’s a fascinating story that raises the question of morality by telling us the story of Dorian Gray’s spiritual fall.

“The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

This book shows America of the 20th century, the jazz generation. Jay Gatsby is a rich man who went through a thorny path before achieving success. Once, no one would have looked at him, but now everyone knows him as the same Gatsby who arranges the most elite and outrageous parties.

Jay Gatsby did everything to achieve the American dream, but he got far from what he expected. It is worth reading the great gatsby argumentative essay to better understand the moral of this book. The author’s novel was adapted into a film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. If you still need to read this book, we recommend it.

“Becoming” Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is one of the most famous first ladies in the whole world. Her successes are impressive, and her endeavors are always inspiring. Her book is one of the books about changes. In it, she talks about her formation – a path full of pain and disappointment, as well as triumphs and victories. It is a bright and exciting story that can motivate each of us.

Wole Soyinka “Interpreters”

Soyinka’s novel is oversaturated with anxiety and gloomy forebodings. Interpreters look into the past, expect answers from the future and writhe in pain in the present – five intelligent heroes who exist in the world of evil and try to get rid of the abomination surrounding them. 

“Half of a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

The novel’s title reflects one of the motifs of the flag of Biafra, a state that existed on the territory of Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war of 1967-1970. This novel shows how the interethnic conflict between the Hausa and Igbo peoples, and then this war, affected the destinies of the main characters – a village boy Ugwu, his master Odenigbo and two twin sisters, Olanna and Kanani. Heroes are people with ordinary weaknesses, so you believe everyone. 


relaxed at home reading

Today, reading has gone far into the background. Even children do not like to read books. But this activity is necessary for the development of a person as a personality, for knowledge, to be able to answer various questions even to oneself.

The Internet is full of ratings and tops from popular world publications, where famous journalists, writers, and literary critics make their ratings of the best books in the world. After all, there are as many tastes as there are books and editors.

Everyone chooses what he likes without looking at ratings from top publications. The main thing is that each of these books will teach you important things and make you look at the world from other angles.

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