How to Feel More at Home While Traveling

It might sound like a contradiction, but sometimes you want to feel more at home when you travel. You’re traveling to experience something new, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying some home comforts. Not everyone likes the experience of living out of a hotel or feeling like they’re a stranger in a new place. Instead, they want to see their destination through the eyes of a local while also having somewhere that feels like home to return to at the end of the day. If you want to feel more at home while you’re traveling, take a look at some of these ways to get settled in.

Pack Some Home Comforts

It’s easy to miss home while you’re away, even if you’re enjoying your experience of visiting somewhere else. One of the ways to combat this is to take some of the home comforts you know you’re likely to miss. This could be something like a favorite tea or coffee you have every day, a blanket you love, or a scent you always fill your home with. Packing these things can give you a reminder of home and allow you to have a little of it with you to help prevent homesickness.

Pick the Right Place to Stay

Where you stay can really matter if your aim is to feel at home. When you’re living out of a hotel room, it can be hard to get that feeling. You only really have a bedroom, and you can’t do things like cooking for yourself. You might not even have a living space. Consider staying in a suite with a bit more space or choosing apartment-style living. Take a look at to see a great example of this. When you have your own apartment or even a house to stay in, you get more freedom to live the way you want.

Do What the Locals Do

Trying to live like you do at home when you’re in a new place can cause dissatisfaction. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to recreate your usual routine exactly and you could end up feeling even more like you don’t belong. To make things better, try living like a local instead. Find yourself the perfect bakery to get your breakfast or daily bread. Look for restaurants and grocery stores frequented by locals. Use public transport, walk, or get a bicycle to see the place in the way local people do.

Don’t Forget to Unpack

It might seem simple, but living out of a suitcase definitely isn’t going to help you feel at home. As well as emphasizing the feeling of being on vacation, it could mean you’re less organized too. Wherever you’re staying, you’re sure to have storage so you can unpack and put your suitcase away. Just remember to check everywhere when you pack again to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Make yourself at home when you travel by choosing the right accommodation and making an effort to really settle in.

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