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5 Surprising Items in Your Business That Can Be Hacked

It might be scary to think, but hacking threats are everywhere. Alright, so that’s obvious, but the thing is, it’s far more prevalent than you might think. And yes, they extend beyond just our computers and phones. While you might have the essentials locked down, there are plenty of unexpected things in your business that could be vulnerable. This is exactly why there is great importance within cybersecurity: you just don’t know what could happen, where it could happen, and how it could happen. So, what exactly could get hacked that you’d least expect?

Smart Office Equipment

Your office is probably filled with smart gadgets that make work easier and more efficient. But did you know that items like smart printers, scanners, and even your fancy coffee machine can be targets for hackers? Yep, if they’re connected to your network, they could be a way in for cyber criminals. But what’s so special about these is the vulnerability. 

So, this is why you want to make sure these devices are always updated and secured with strong passwords; even if it doesn’t seem important (like that coffee maker), you’d be surprised how large the domino effect could be. 

Vending Machines

Now, this one is probably a massive surprise, right? Well, it’s true; even vending machines can be hacked. It’s similar to what was said about smart office technology; modern vending machines connected to networks for inventory and payments can be exploited by hackers to steal payment info or access your network. This is exactly why you need to focus on keeping these machines on a secure network, and regularly monitoring them can help you avoid any snack-related security breaches.

Medical Devices

If you’re in the healthcare sector, medical devices are a big part of your operations- especially in private practices. Now, there’s a range of these devices, from pacemakers to infusion pumps, and a lot of them are increasingly connected to the internet. While this should be a good thing for patients and healthcare workers alike, unfortunately, this does mean that it makes them vulnerable to hacking. 

Now, out of everything on this list, this one needs to be taken more seriously because of the detrimental impacts. So, you’re going to want to have a medical device cybersecurity company help you out in the protocol of these medical devices because they’re basically a goldmine for hackers. You shouldn’t just try to DIY your cybersecurity through regular checks and protocols; you need to have professionals who can help check for any potential vulnerabilities. 

Company Vehicles

Most cars can get hacked, but the modern ones, especially EVs, tend to be a little easier with hacking from a distance. If your car gets hacked, they could track your vehicle’s location or mess with its functions. It doesn’t take a lot to protect your company car; it’s really about keeping your vehicle software updated, and using robust cybersecurity measures will keep your fleet running smoothly and securely.

HVAC Systems

That’s right; even your HVAC system can be vulnerable, and unfortunately, there are plenty of stories out there of organizations that are actually getting hit with this. But your HVAC system can be a gateway into them affecting more than just that. 

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