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How To Avoid Losing Money On Your Travels

The initial part when you pay for traveling is already expensive. Trips don’t come cheap, which is why you want to keep the costs as low as possible while on your travels. Unfortunately, there are countless ways you can lose money and end up spending way more than you should. This post will feature some ideas to rectify this, ensuring your travel experiences aren’t too financially costly. 

Avoid bringing cash

There are two reasons to avoid bringing cash on your travels: 

  1. Exchange rates are usually terrible and you lose money this way
  2. Most tourist destinations are full of pickpockets and cash is easy to steal

Instead, use your bank card whenever possible. You can get your hands on travel cards or certain bank cards that let you withdraw cash and make international purchases with no fees too. These can be canceled if stolen and still let you take out cash without annoying exchange rates should you require it. 

Learn how to haggle

In many popular travel destinations, local merchants are known to haggle. This is particularly common in markets where they spot a tourist from miles away. As a result, they usually hit you with a terrible price as they know you’ll pay it. 

Don’t fall for this; learn how to haggle. Give them a different offer and see if you can lower the price when buying things. This won’t work all the time, but it stops you from essentially losing money by being swindled by a local merchant! 

Always get travel insurance


Travel insurance from providers like Generali will always help you avoid losing money. You have financial protection in place, offering coverage in case things go wrong. We mentioned pickpockets earlier and travel insurance can cover you if items go missing or get stolen. It also kicks into action if flights are canceled/delayed – or an airline damages/loses your luggage. 

In all these scenarios, you will lose even more money without insurance as you have to pay to handle each situation. When you’re insured, the provider covers it and your money is kept safely tucked away. 

Make use of travel cards

We’re talking about a different type of travel card than the ones mentioned earlier. This one is more focused on cards that give you access to lots of different things while traveling. For example, you can buy a travel card in most cities that provide you with unlimited public transport access plus access to museums or tourist spots. 

Sometimes, these cards represent exceptional value for money and help you save a fortune. It is well worth looking into them to see if they prevent you from throwing money down the drain – particularly if you plan on using public transport a lot or seeing popular tourist attractions. 

See, there’s no need to waste money on your travels. You spent enough paying for the trip, so don’t add to this by parting with a mini fortune during your stay. Be smart with how you spend your cash, and avoid falling victim to common tourist pitfalls. 

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