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How Much Do These Garden Makeover Ideas Cost?

A 2021 UK landscaping barometer indicated that 97% of the population enquired about garden designers. Although there is reason to believe that the pandemic played a significant role in these inquiries, it still shows that homeowners always find ways to upgrade their property. Indeed, the final result of a garden makeover improves the house’s overall appeal.

In addition to considering the cost of garden makeover ideas, ensuring proper hygiene for outdoor gatherings is essential. You can explore options like Viking Rental for portable hand washing stations to complement your outdoor space.

However, it is advisable to know the average costs before embarking on such a project. The last thing you want is to be taken by surprise, and your finances take a hit. On that note, here are some garden renovation ideas and how much they might cost.  

Garden paving

According to some reports, there is evidence that 4.7 million houses in the United Kingdom were built before 1919. Fast forward to the 21st century, and these properties are still inhabited. Undoubtedly, these old houses have undergone various degrees of renovation to make them safe and habitable for humans. However, the downside is that they often do not receive many upgrades in the garden. 

According to, the materials used for pavements in these old houses were bricks and broken pieces of concrete. This was the most traditional method and often had no particular design style. The most important thing was to make the garden hard enough to prevent soggy ground. If you’re currently living in an old house and wish to redo your garden paving, you have many options to explore. You can check out these exquisite landscape designs from Michaelangelo.

You can choose paving slabs for a more contemporary look. If it is a small garden of about 12m², you might pay anything from £800 – £1,500. On the other hand, a larger garden may cost between £3,200 and £5,500. The costs may be higher if you live in the city.

Revitalize the landscaping

backyard garden

Landscaping has evolved over the years, and with every era comes specific designs. A typical English garden projected a natural scenery without exaggerated elements. Moreover, it was the go-to look for many homeowners who had enough idle land around the property. Today, the trend seems to have changed a bit. More modern homeowners play around with ideas on what complements or projects the property’s overall aesthetic. This is why you will find a modern landscape design in the UK interspersed with certain elements that were non-existent a few decades ago.

Perhaps, you want to add plants best adapted for the climate in your area. The types that may not require much maintenance. Before commencing any change, you may want to seek ideas from experienced landscaping experts. With their help, your dream landscape can become a reality.

However, homeowners who have succeeded in changing their home’s landscaping say it takes about 5% to 10% of the property’s value. So, when you calculate the cost, and it’s within the same range, you have a good deal.

Build a pergola and add new outdoor furniture

Most of the time, nothing about a bland garden will make you want to sit out there, even if you have enough space to create an enjoyable area. If you find yourself in this same dilemma, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Several factors determine the average cost of a pergola.

For example, materials used, location, time of year, etc., influence the final cost. However, you should be ready to pay £2,500 for a basic pergola in a small garden. Any other intricate designs will raise the cost. Sometimes it can go as high as £6000, excluding the cost of new outdoor furniture.

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