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How To Start Your Own Gardening Business

When considering a change in career and escaping from the shackles of office life, a lot of us consider what it would be like to work out in the fresh air. From becoming a park ranger to working as a roofer, there are so many great outdoor vocations to consider that will change your lifestyle for the better. 

Today we want to talk about gardening and how you can take a love for plants and flowers and turn it into a business. Selling plants is always a great way to make some money, and we have some helpful advice to help you get started this year. 

Rent an Allotment

The first step to making your gardening dreams come true is to rent a space to plant your wares. The easiest way to do this is to rent an allotment in your local town or city, and this can be a great way to set up a small business without letting it bleed into your personal life. Renting an allotment also gives you the option to install a greenhouse and any other useful equipment you think you might need. 

Get the Right Tools 

When setting up your own garden as a business, it is important that you invest in the right tools and equipment to make your business profit. This means finding good wholesale fertilizer and insecticides to use to protect your crops, getting some sturdy tools for harvesting and pruning, and ensuring that the starter plants you source are the best quality they can be in order to yield the most for your business. Although it will mean you will spend more money initially, the profit you get out of it, later on, will make up for your investment and allow you to yield more in the long term. 

Decide what you want to Grow 

One of the most difficult decisions you can make when starting a garden is what you want to grow. There are many plants in the world and a lot of different avenues you can go down to ensure the best possible yield for you. Whether you decide on spring flowering plants such as marigolds and petunias or go for hardy shrubs like hydrangeas, each type of plant has its own merits and you need to decide what type of plant you want to do and how this will impact your business. 

Buy Wholesale Plant Pots 

Plant pots are of course essential when you are looking to sell plants from your own garden. The best way to source plant pots is with a wholesaler who will likely give you discounts for buying items in bulk. This will ensure you get the most out of your garden and you also make the best profit margin possible. 

Sell at Local Markets

Finding the right place to set up shop can be difficult, and one of the easiest things you can do is to sell at local markets every week or once a month to start getting some local notoriety. Once you have this, you’ll likely be able to start selling on a bigger scale. 

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