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How Can I Engage With My Customers More Reliably?

In business, as in life, a great deal of progress can be made with excellent communication. But communication is more than just the statements you make, but the conversations you begin, how you contribute to them, and also how you perform in order to validate your promises and goals.

It’s the same in any interpersonal relationship – sometimes our communication is not always verbal. Yet with businesses, it’s also important to consider how you format the entire experience and how this might be delivered to every user who may undergo your sales funnel. This way, you can better structure your approach so that conversions are more likely, that miscommunications or misunderstandings are limited, and that it’s not uncommon to develop a one-time buyer into a long-term client or cherished customer.

That’s a nice goal to have, and it’s good to pay lip service to how wonderful that outcome might be. Yet it will never happen without direct effort and some relatively tough choices made along the way. In this post, we hope to make that approach just a little easier to deal with so that moving forward into the future will not only be easier, but that every worthwhile return is a lesson that grants further insight.

Without further ado, let’s consider how that might be possible:

Website Formatting

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Have you ever visited a brand website that feels much more complex and overbearing than it needs to be? Some people levy this at online marketplaces like Amazon’s website, where hundreds of products can be levied at you at the same time. This can confuse even the most clear-headed buyer. It’s good, then, to focus on simplifying your website and making it easier to interact with.

A great search bar, indexing each post so it can be easily found via a search engine, using drop-down categories, and even a revolving blog to keep up with the latest information is all worth your time. On top of that, investing in worthwhile web design services so that your page is inherently compatible with any mobile device (resizing itself as appropriate here), can be more than worthwhile.

Finally, with app development, you’ll have more control over the exact coding used to run your platform on a portable device. If you hope to communicate more readily, setting the wider parameters of that communication through the right platform makes a huge difference.

Improve Customer Management

Finally, customer management can be a key factor in your success. Using the right software or platform gives you more control over where orders are going and how their experience is tracked throughout the buying process. This should help to reduce any potential issues with a delivery or even allow you to prepare for certain customer needs before they arise.

For example, if your business installs solar software, the software you use should allow you to track the progress of each installation and provide customers with updates on their progress. This way, they’ll have a better idea of when they can expect delivery and won’t be left in the dark (no pun intended)—investing in software for solar installers (as well as other software services as appropriate here) can be more than worthwhile.

Commerce Cloud Platforms

The means by which your ecommerce is structured will often depend on the platform you use. But it can be hard to decide which ones are the most valid for your particular service or product delivery, and which can naturally integrate into the workflow of your team. 

That’s why this guide on Magento vs Salesforce commerce cloud options is so worthwhile to read and understand, it will not only go through each positive benefit of the commerce cloud you may wish to use, but how features (or a lack of them) can redefine the selling experience as your clients or customers understand it.

Consider The Scope Of Your Social Media Use

social media marketing

Some companies seem to be throwing caution to the wind these days, focusing on becoming relatable and approachable more than anything else. This can have its advantages, but it’s hard to go back to that serious and professional tone once you’ve opened that potential box.

First, nailing your brand voice through the use of excellent content writers and outsourced marketing professionals can make a tremendous difference. It will enable you to better deliver your promotional material or structure your support formatting so that you can deliver a unified and uniform experience each and every time.

Consider The Human

As a business, you will only ever be communicating with humans. This means that it can be fine to drop the act from time to time as it were, and allow your most trusted support staff to go off script and apply a little creative administrative solution rather than having them follow an essentialist protocol and perhaps being limited in the value they can deliver.

More and more, customers value brands that are not only sympathetic to their needs, but that will never pretend those needs can’t or shouldn’t exist simply because they cannot be accommodated. Considering the human allows you to cut through some of the fat in your business, such as the language you use to welcome a new client, or maybe where your brand is seen to be placed, such as by sponsoring the local small football team instead of getting ideas above our station and feeling ‘too good’ to nestle in the community like that. 

Considering the human is always a valid tactic, no matter if we hope to make our business more relatable and down to earth, or if we wish to be remembered as an entity that generates pleasant encounters where appropriate.

With this advice, you’re certain to engage with your customers more readily.

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