Careers in Demand Abroad

High-paying work abroad is more attractive than ever. And the doors are wide-open for these skills and degree holders.

Because of an aging workforce, changes in technology, workers moving abroad or low turnover in companies, even developed countries are struggling to find strong candidates in certain fields of study. The doors of today are open wide for these career choices.

First-world countries attract many different talents for good wages on a global standard. Here we have listed 3 different countries where various talents and skills are highly attractive. 

What are the most demanded careers abroad?

Let’s have a look at some of the most attractive and high-paying countries around the world.


A diverse population and a healthy economy make Australia a place that offers a high quality of life and is a very popular destination for anyone seeking employment and a new continent to explore.

The following industries are consistently in demand for new employees in Australia according to Business Insider:

  1. Commercial Analysts
  2. Data Analysts
  3. Digital Marketing Analysts
  4. Cyber Security specialists
  5. PHP, Drupal, Native iOS and Android and Microsoft SQL BI Developers
  6. Business Development Managers to drive growth
  7. HR Business Partners
  8. Executive Assistants with strong experience
  9. Change Analysts
  10. Policy Officers and Senior Policy Officers
  11. Procurement professionals with full experience around service contracts
  12. Property and Construction Lawyers
  13. Residential Property Manager.
  14. Project Managers, Site Managers and Contract Administrators for construction

If you are interested in looking for a job in Australia where they need a degree in one of these fields, you can search for them here.


The lifestyle is rated as one of the best in the world. Canada is diverse and beautiful and offers visitors and citizens the ability to experience a number of outdoor pursuits.

Canada offers safety and security in numerous spheres. 

Here is a list of the most in-demand jobs in Canada:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. College lecturer
  3. Business management consultant
  4. Welder and electrician
  5. Aerospace Engineer
  6. Industrial electrician
  7. Pipefitter
  8. Construction Estimator
  9. Optician
  10. Software engineer
  11. Vet
  12. Pharmacist

If you are interested in looking for a job in Canada where they need a degree in one of these fields, you can search for them here.

New Zealand

Construction and Engineering

Hospitality and Tourism

Information communication and technology (ICT)

But the key industries in the New Zealand jobs are here according to The South African:

  1. Agriculture and forestry
  2. Construction
  3. Education
  4. Engineering
  5. Finance
  6. Health and social services
  7. Hospitality and tourism
  8. Trade

If you are interested in looking for a job in New Zealand where they need a degree in one of these fields, you can search for them here.

Please be aware that all these countries have strict VISA regulations. It really depends on your country of origin, your background and qualifications to enter one of these countries.

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