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Smart Ways To Earn A Passive Income Online and IRL

A passive income is a revenue stream that earns you money even after you are done with the work. Yes, that’s right you can earn a decent income without having to grind every single day. Although, to make the most of a passive income situation you will need to pick the right one. The good news is that you can find out about the most profitable passive income streams below as well as how they work.  

Print-on-demand business 

Currently, one of the most popular ways of creating a passive income is with print-on-demand businesses. These enterprises combine creativity and drop shipping to offer customers products ranging from coasters and posters to clothing like t-shirts and scarves. 

The critical point to grasp here is that what sets these items apart from any old coaster, or t-shirt and makes them appealing to customers is that they display a unique design. This design will be the work of the person running the business. 

However, instead of investing in the equipment, resources, and skill-building needed to produce these items themselves, they outsource this task to a print-on-demand specialist. This specialist then makes the product with the business owner’s image on it and ships it directly to the client (drop-shipping). The printer will then charge the business owner for the product blank, printing, and shipping, and whatever is left will be income. 

This option is a particularly great choice for those wishing to establish a passive income stream because it only requires the creation of images to be uploaded to the print-on-demand specialists’ site.  

Invest and lease real estate 

Unlike those investing to flip homes, who benefit from a single profit once the work is complete, leasing property can count as a passive income. This is because you can charge monthly, or weekly rent for your property without having to do very much at all.  

As a landlord, you can even find specialists like The Realty Medics who will complete any property management tasks such as collecting rent and arranging repairs. Thereby making it a truly passive and low effort income stream, and one that can add up over time.  

Indeed, many people that lease out their properties do so to pay off the mortgage, which means when it does come time to sell further down the line, they get to keep a much greater part of the profit of the sale.  


Last of all, one of the best passive income options around is blogging. Blogging can be counted as a passive income because money can be earned through a range of activities that can be completed and then left to bring in revenue. These activities include sponsored posts, courses, affiliate links, and even downloadable products such as worksheets, and organizers. 

Of course, there is some significant work to be done in the beginning when starting up a blog. This is because you will need to build your readership with engaging content, as most of the people that buy your products will come from this customer base. 

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