Early Spring Road Trip Hazards to Watch Out For

Spring is a great time as we emerge from winter. The weather gets a little warmer, and the sun pops out. But there are still some early spring road trip hazards we need to watch out for before the summer brightens up our days. From slippery roads to the sun, here are a few of them.

Parking Under Trees

Any mechanic will tell you never to park under trees unless it is necessary. However, we all do it. It may be fine for a little while in the summer if only to keep your car cooler. But parking under trees can cause some damage to your vehicle. For instance, animals such as squirrels gather food, and birds begin to build nests. Services such as are a lifesaver when it comes to windshield replacement, as the debris from trees will damage your windshield. 

Slippery Road Surfaces

Okay, so the sun is popping out a bit more. But that doesn’t mean the cold is gone. Even in late spring, it can still be relatively cold in some places. In March, April, and even sometimes May, the temperatures stay a bit chilly! That means there may be ice or excess water on the roads, making them slippery. Some good advice is to stay more focused and aware of the dangers if you are driving in winter. And do we even need to mention the weather we get in spring?

Spring Road Trip Hazards Include Animals

Animals love spring. They emerge from their winter rest to begin breeding and looking after their young. However, they aren’t too clever when it comes to road safety, so we need to give them a little hand. In the UK alone, 100,000 foxes and hedgehogs, 50,000 deer, and 50,000 badgers are killed on the road. The numbers are even higher for larger countries like the US! Be kind to nature and keep a watchful and caring eye when planning a trip out into nature spots.

The Power of the Sun

The sun! It can be your best friend, shining in on you to brighten up your day. Or it can be the darkening absence from your life. Seasonal depression is thought to be linked to sunlight, and you may experience mood swings based on sun exposure. However, the sun’s UV rays can be strong, even on a cloudy early spring day. Protect your vehicle from the sun with windshield visors to keep it cool. And, of course, invest in some good UV sunglasses for your eyes.

Extra Road Traffic

As we move away from winter and get our first glimpse of the spring sun, we all have the same idea. Road trip!!! This feels like a good idea at the time until you hit the highway and realize we are all in it together! There is often much more traffic on the roads, even during working hours, in spring. This is much worse at special times such as the Easter holidays. Traveling at non-peak times may help avoid traffic, but be prepared for jams at any time of the day!


Parking under trees is one of the most common early spring road trip hazards to avoid. Falling debris from animals and birds can damage your windshield. It also helps to watch out for wildlife crossing the roads. And stay prepared for an excess of road traffic when venturing out!

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