Why Are Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise in Missouri?

In the heart of the United States, where rolling plains meet bustling cities, there’s a silent danger lurking on the streets of Missouri. With each step taken on the sidewalk, each crosswalk traversed, and each intersection approached, pedestrians are unwittingly entering a realm of increasing peril.


The state, known for its iconic arch and rich cultural heritage, is facing a troubling trend: a surge in pedestrian accidents. From the neon-lit streets of St. Louis to the charming avenues of Kansas City, Pedestrian-involved collisions are on the rise.


A new release published by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association revealed that 7,508 pedestrians became victims of road accidents in 2022, losing their lives. With these numbers, 2022 marked the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the United States since 1981. It also highlighted how pedestrian fatalities have surged up to 77% since 2010.


When you learn about the statistics of pedestrian accidents in Missouri (which we’ll discuss below), you’ll find them even more staggering. Join us as we embark on a journey exploring why pedestrian accidents are on the rise in the Show-Me state.

Pedestrian Accidents in Missouri – The Current Scenario

In recent years, Missouri has witnessed a concerning uptick in pedestrian accidents, reflecting a nationwide trend. The current scenario paints a stark picture of the challenges faced by pedestrians navigating the state’s roadways.


In 2022, Missouri saw a 7.5% increase in pedestrian death rates compared to 2021. Over 129 Missourian pedestrians lost their lives to road accidents, leading Missouri to rank in the top 10 list of highest death rates surge countrywide. Here are the records of pedestrian fatalities in Missouri from 2019 to 2022:


  • 2019 – 111 deaths
  • 2020 – 128 deaths
  • 2021 – 120 deaths
  • 2022 – 129 deaths


It was also found that 60% of the pedestrian accidents took place not on highways or local roads but on arterial roads. These roads primarily connect interstates and freeways, recording more traffic and higher speeds than local roads, thereby increasing the risk of road accidents.


Among the roads that match these criteria perfectly include Kingshighway – passing through the western half of St. Louis. Grand Boulevard – a north-south thoroughfare that runs through St. Louis’s center – is another prime example of roads where pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur.


If you ever find yourself caught in an accident as a pedestrian on these streets, you’re liable to file a personal injury lawsuit for it. Never heard of it before? Then hiring a St. Louis personal injury attorney is an ideal way out for you.


TorHoerman Law notes that the first step to filing a personal injury lawsuit involves mitigation – minimizing the damage incurred in the accident, in other words. This includes seeking immediate medical treatment for yourself and tending to any injuries suffered.

Once you’re well, your attorney can help you assess all damages and gain financial compensation for the losses you incurred.

Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents in Missouri

Pedestrian accidents in Missouri are influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from driver behavior to pedestrian actions. Understanding these factors is crucial for developing effective strategies to reduce the incidence of pedestrian accidents statewide.


Excessive speed isn’t just a violation of traffic laws; it’s a ticking time bomb for pedestrians on Missouri’s streets. When drivers barrel down roads faster than the posted limits, they’re not just endangering themselves — they’re putting every foot on the pavement at risk.

Speed turns mere accidents into life-altering events. At higher speeds, the impact of a collision is more devastating. It’s like a domino effect, where one moment of recklessness shatters lives forever. A leisurely stroll becomes a harrowing journey through chaos.

Enforcing speed limits is like trying to catch the wind. Despite all the efforts, drivers push the pedal to the metal, especially on those open highways and bustling city streets. It’s a game of Russian roulette, with pedestrians always caught in the crosshairs.

Distracted Driving

The causes of pedestrian accidents are not just the cars and trucks vying for space; it’s the distractions that wage war on pedestrian safety.

Distracted driving is a silent predator stalking the streets. Smartphones, GPS devices, and in-car entertainment systems — they’re all culprits in this modern-day battle for attention.

Missouri’s roadways have become a stage for this deadly dance. Drivers, lost in their digital worlds, are oblivious to the lives around them. Pedestrians become mere obstacles, easily overlooked in the chaos of notifications and alerts.

The trend of distracted driving saw a massive surge during the pandemic. Even as life has stabilized in recent years, the amount of distracted driving hasn’t receded.

Since 2020, the trend of phone motion and screen interaction while driving has risen to 23%. Considering how every 10% increase kills 420 people, it has resulted in 420,000 crashes and 1,000 fatalities in the last 4 years.

Failure to Yield

Imagine this – A bustling intersection, horns blaring, lights changing. A pedestrian steps forward, expecting the flow of traffic to pause. But instead, cars barrel through, heedless of the human presence. It’s a scene repeated daily on Missouri’s streets, where the right-of-way becomes a game of chance.

Drivers, lost in their own worlds, forget the golden rule: pedestrians come first. Despite the law’s clear directive, many drivers zoom past crosswalks and intersections, blind to the lives they put at risk.

It’s not just about negligence; it’s about a lack of awareness, a disconnect from the reality beyond the windshield. For some drivers, the rush to reach their destination trumps the safety of those on foot.

The pedestrians aren’t immune to risk-taking either. When red lights flash and stop signs loom, some pedestrians dart into the street without a second thought, tempting fate with each step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if I witness a pedestrian accident?

If you ever witness a pedestrian accident, your first action should be to call emergency services. Until services arrive, provide them with any assistance you can while keeping your own safety in mind.

What responsibility do drivers have to prevent pedestrian accidents?

To prevent pedestrian accidents, drivers are legally obligated to obey speed limits, yield on crosswalks, avoid reckless behavior, and stay vigilant behind the wheel.

What are some common injuries sustained by pedestrians in an accident?

The most common injuries pedestrians sustain in an accident include head injury, spinal cord injury, soft tissue injuries, and internal injuries.


We conclude by saying that the prevention of rising pedestrian accidents in Missouri starts with a mindset shift. Both drivers and pedestrians play a vital role in roadway safety and should be mindful of their traffic responsibilities to minimize the risks of fatalities.

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