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Discover Awesome Things You Can do With Your Mac

Apple has grown in value over the last decade. Surprisingly, last year it became the first U.S. company to achieve the $2 trillion market cap. Although the company reached a milestone recently, it has been acknowledged as one of the most valuable companies worldwide. 

And with Mac, iPad, iPhone rising in popularity, everyone is in “awe” of its elegance or user experience. Is that all? Definitely not! Besides the ease of use, it has some hidden charms that not many have unfolded yet. Doing so will allow you to make the most of your machine. 

Here are four things you can do with your Mac

Do you find that intriguing? Then keep reading and find yourself the incredible things that you might have missed out on.  

Command Your System to do Things For You

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What do you do when you get tired of all the typing or browsing on your iPhone? You take the help of “Siri.” Right? You can do the same with your system as well. Yes, you heard it right! You can set up Mac’s built-in speech recognition system. Doing so will allow you to do a lot of things by using your voice. 

But how can you use it? Just go to your System Preferences, click Accessibility, and enable Speakable Items. In this, if you program a few phrases corresponding to different commands, you’ll be able to record your speech and get going. 

Edit PDFs Natively Without Any Other Additional Software

If you are into a profession that requires repeated use of PDFs, taking the obvious route might be a little tedious and hectic. You won’t have to face the same issue with Mac. Since Mac has an in-built PDF viewer and editing software, you can annotate and edit PDFs without downloading any other standard PDF software. 

You can even add your signature to that document using the same in-built software. Isn’t that amazing?

Play Games With Stem

Mac is no longer only catering to the professional world. It’s adapting its technology to make gaming viable on Mac. For instance, it transformed from its conventional technology to the X86 platform. They even released Arcade, a gaming subscription service.

To further lure the consumers, it integrated the world-renowned Steam support. To know more about this, view here and learn more about this new technology. If you don’t know where to start, search for, install Steam. Once the installation is complete, click on steam.dmg. 

Use The Entire Photostream as Your Wallpaper

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Who likes monotony? None. Then why look at the same wallpaper every day? You can change your wallpaper by setting up your iCloud’s Photostream as your wallpaper. You can either go for a particular image or use the entire Photostream as your background. 

And if you don’t like changing wallpapers, you can use the same for your screensaver as well. Do what suits your liking!


From encrypting folders, finding apps with ease, renaming different files simultaneously, and swiping between open applications, Mac surely is making life easier for millions of people. So, are you using these cool hacks to make yours easier? 

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