Comparison of Dolphin{anty} and Octo Browser

In the landscape of browsers, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Amidst the plethora of options, it’s crucial to distinguish between marketing buzz and genuine utility. This article aims to provide an objective evaluation of two prominent contenders: Dolpin anty and Octo Browser.


Dolphin{anty} is tailored for multi-accounting on major platforms like Google, Facebook, and TikTok, boasting automation features for ad management on Facebook. However, crucial automation services come at an extra cost, raising the subscription price.

While it offers a graphical interface for automation, users must craft their own logic, lacking ready-made templates. The browser’s structure facilitates team collaboration and profile transfer among users. With a free plan and referral program, Dolphin{anty} targets both novices and affiliates.


Octo and Dolphin{anty} share common functionalities in their interfaces, yet their design philosophies diverge. Octo prioritizes simplicity, streamlining user experience, while Dolphin{anty} offers extensive customization options. Octo’s UI focuses on essential features, whereas Dolphin{anty} inundates users with myriad settings and buttons, potentially overwhelming inexperienced users.

Fingerprint Spoofing

A pivotal aspect of multi-accounting browsers, fingerprint spoofing, distinguishes between Octo Browser and Dolphin{anty}. While both offer basic spoofing options, Octo excels in granularity and effectiveness. Dolphin{anty} falls short in configuring DNS and fonts, compromising user anonymity and security.

Bulk Operations

Efficiency in bulk operations is imperative for multi-accounting workflows. Octo Browser outshines Dolphin{anty} with comprehensive bulk functionalities, including template support for streamlined profile creation. Dolphin{anty} lacks profile export but compensates with bulk cookie export and creation features.


Automation streamlines routine tasks in multi-accounting, and both browsers support API integration. Dolphin{anty} offers a graphical interface for automation scripting, catering to users with limited coding expertise. However, Octo Browser is better suited for automation due to its robust anti-detection mechanisms.

Update Speed

Regular kernel updates are crucial for blending seamlessly with mainstream browsers. Octo Browser demonstrates superior update frequency over Dolphin{anty}, ensuring users stay current with Chromium releases.

User Data Security

Octo Browser prioritizes user data security, employing AES encryption and European cloud servers. In contrast, Dolphin{anty} has a checkered history of data breaches, raising concerns about its security measures.

Stability of Operation

Octo Browser maintains commendable stability, with minimal disruptions reported by users. In contrast, Dolphin{anty} users have encountered incidents not documented on public calendars, potentially eroding trust in the browser’s reliability.


While pricing is a consideration, functionality should precede cost. Octo Browser offers competitive pricing with robust features, catering to medium to large teams. Dolphin{anty} appeals to beginners with a free plan and affordable subscriptions but lacks scalability for extensive usage.


In conclusion, Octo Browser emerges as a superior choice for multi-accounting, boasting advanced fingerprint spoofing, stability, and competitive pricing. Dolphin{anty} appeals to beginners with its customizable interface and free plan but falls short in security and update frequency. Ultimately, the choice between Octo Browser and Dolphin{anty} hinges on individual preferences and priorities in multi-accounting browser functionalities.

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