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Are These Fears Harming Your Health?

You already know the need to stay healthy but it might be that certain fears are putting your health at risk. 

Fear itself is a problem as your mental and physical health will be affected if anxiety starts to rule your life. And it’s what fear prevents you from doing that can also hurt your wellbeing. 

We list two common fears below. If you relate to any of these, you should follow our suggestions to reduce your anxiety. You should also speak to your doctor for professional advice if your fears have tipped into full-blown phobias.

#1: Fear of hospitals

Most of us are nervous about going into hospital but for some people, these anxieties can become genuine phobias. For some, it is the fear of the hospital itself, including the sight of people walking around in white coats. And for others, it is the fear of having an operation. For a lot of people, both fears are intertwined. Those common ‘what ifs’ can plague their mind, such as ‘what if my surgery goes wrong?’ While a medical malpractice attorney will fight for compensation if mistakes are made, this isn’t always enough to provide peace of mind before going into hospital.

If this is something you’re relating to, it might be that you procrastinating about a hospital visit or operation. This is obviously harmful as the longer you delay a check-up or treatment, the worse your condition might become. 

To overcome this fear, there are a number of things you can do. Researching medical practitioners and facilities is a good idea, as you should experience better peace of mind when you find a place where you know you will be in safe hands. Learning more about any prospective treatment plans should also ease your worries once you learn they aren’t as awful as you’re expecting. There is more advice here on overcoming a fear of the hospital. Have a read and then book your hospital visit if you know you need to attend. 

#2: Fear of foods

Are you a picky eater? Do you refuse to try certain foods, despite their health benefits? If so, it might be that you have what is known as Neophobia, the fear of trying new or unfamiliar foods. Alternatively, you might have another phobia, Cibophobia, which is the fear of certain types of food, such as those that are perishable. Such foods can include fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. People worry about these foods because they are afraid of becoming ill if such food items are past their best. 

If you’re relating to this fear, you might be able to overcome it by eating alternative foods to those you are afraid of. However, if your fear limits you from eating foods that you know are good for you, or if you have developed an eating disorder because of your food worries, your health is at risk. Your health is also at risk if you have an eating disorder and it is causing you to fear healthy foods. Speak to your doctor if you have a fear of food and check out these other tips on reducing your food anxiety

Bottom line

Many of us are fearful of one thing or another but it’s when these fears threaten our health that we need to seek help. If you have related to anything we have said here or if you have another fear that is risking your health, find ways to manage your fear and get help if you know it’s needed. 

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