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3 Great Career Choices For Empathetic People

Everyone has a unique personality and temperament. Studies show that your personality strongly determines the career path of your choice. Other research suggests that people who have jobs that match their personalities and character traits are more productive and make more money.

For many of you out there, empathy plays an important part in who you are. Fortunately, many organizations rely on relating with others to sell products. Read on to find out the best jobs for empaths:

Social worker

The main function of social workers is that they are required to provide help and support to people and communities in need. They help people navigate distressful situations by providing them access to important treatment services (mental, housing, or food assistance programs). Social workers are also responsible for developing post-care plans for people who have completed treatment programs. 

A successful social worker is well-skilled enough to understand the needs of the people they work with and help them secure much better lives. Social workers who can empathize will develop strong relationships with their clients, as they would be able to relate to the things their clients have difficulties dealing with.

If social work sounds right up your alley, you should consider a career in that field. Most social workers have a bachelor’s degree in social work or any related field. But for those who desire more responsibility and are looking for a lifelong career, you will need to get your master’s degree. 


Teachers educate students and help them achieve educational success. A teacher’s work typically involves developing lesson plans for various subjects, organizing extracurricular activities for students, and providing support.

Empaths are naturally intuitive, caring, and giving, which are important traits that a teacher must-have. It is important for teachers to be invested in their students and must have the ability to understand their students’ feelings to create conducive teaching and learning environments. 

To become a teacher, you will need a bachelor’s degree (preferably in the subject you wish to teach). You will also be required to complete a teacher program approved by your state and pass a licensure exam. Teaching is a great job; however, it may not be the best option for introverted empaths, as it involves constant communication with parents, administrators, and students. 

Healthcare professional


Having empathy as a healthcare professional extends beyond knowing basic details about your patients but more about forming strong connections and understanding with your patients. It is an extremely important trait to have that helps build trust among patients and healthcare experts and calm anxious patients. Studies show that having empathy leads to fewer malpractice cases and mistakes and increased patient satisfaction.

There are several fields in healthcare that empaths can get into. You can choose to become a registered nurse, doctor, or paramedic. These require years of schooling and passing licensure tests. Fortunately, there are tons of study kits like the NREMT test prep available to help you.

Your personality is an important factor to consider when deciding on your career. The better your traits match your skills, the more productive you will be on the job.

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