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Aluminum as a Popular Building Material for Residential Buildings

Modern architecture has been shaped by many factors in recent decades, but one of the most important influences was the appearance of materials used in the construction industry and produced by various industrial activities.

Selection of Building Materials

Architects began to use these materials almost immediately. The most important of which include concrete, brick, steel, glass, aluminum, stone, and wood. When choosing building materials, the architect must consider several aspects. One of the most important factors is the achieved aesthetic effect. Choosing the right materials can be crucial because they have different aesthetic effects. The aspects of aesthetics have become extremely important and have emerged as a global trend in our time.

Properties of Aluminium

aluminium window

After steel, aluminum is the most commonly used metal in the construction industry. Architects have a wide variety of building materials available to them and countless options when designing a building. Aluminum became a popular building material about 100 years ago and began to be widely used as a decorative material. It then became widespread in the mid-twentieth century, when aluminum was used in many famous buildings.

Aluminum, like steel, is available in relatively large quantities for the construction industry. Its production is based on well-developed industrial technologies and it has proven its beneficial and reliable effect all around.

The architects know the exact properties of this metal and have been using it in the construction industry for several decades. Its long-term properties and stability represent a sure investment. In addition to its long life, aluminum is easy to maintain. Natural causes, like UV light or moisture, do not cause any significant damage.

Like many other metals, aluminum has a high degree of strength and durability. Although steel is still the most commonly used metal in the construction industry, aluminum has some important advantages in comparison. Aluminum is a much lighter metal than steel, so it is especially suitable for supporting elements for lightweight buildings. Aluminum windows are also very popular and widespread. Thanks to its lower weight, aluminum is much easier to work with.

Another very important property of aluminum is that it does not corrode. Protection against corrosion has always been a serious challenge in the long-term use of steel. Corrosion is a problem not only because of the stability of the steel product, but also because of its environmental impact. However, aluminum does not have this issue, so it can be used much more securely in the construction industry.

Aluminum windows

aluminium window

Aluminum is used in many different places and functions in the construction industry. In residential buildings, they are used for doors and windows, window shutters, pergolas, shades, garage doors, and mosquito nets.

In addition to the traditional wooden doors and windows, aluminum and plastic doors and windows also emerged and became very popular. The lifetime of aluminum doors and windows is around twenty years, but practically they are functioning for much longer. Aluminum doors are very easy to maintain, they are durable and environmentally friendly.

Aluminum products can now be used with a much more aesthetic appearance than before. They are available in different colors and made by using unique technology to coat the surface of the aluminum with an additional colored layer. Mainly, the polyester coating is used, which provides users with a wide color palette.

Aluminum obviously gives better strength, stability, and durability for doors and windows, than wood or plastic. Wood is often easily damaged. Even a small bump or a scratch can irreversibly damage the material. Plastics are slightly more durable, but the impact resistance of plastics is not outstanding. Also, the fading effect caused by sunlight can be noticed.

Because of their use, we often hit and bump ourselves on windows and doors, so the impact resistance of windows is particularly important. The resistance to weather conditions is also an important aspect. The outer surface of the window frame or window blinds can even be hit by hail, which can lead to serious damage.

A plastic or wooden window frame can be seriously damaged after a major hailstorm. Furthermore, in the summer, solar radiation can discolor the window frame in a relatively short time or lead to other long-term effects, which in addition to destroying the aesthetic, can also lead to material damage. Aluminum performs particularly well in terms of impact resistance, moisture resistance, and sunlight.

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