6 Tips for Using Video In Your Marketing Campaigns

Video reigns supreme in the realm of marketing, and harnessing its potential in your marketing strategy can revolutionize how you connect with people, creating a more impactful and captivating campaign that can drive the results you aspire to see. The Knowledge Academy reveals that a staggering 89% of people are influenced by video content, and over 90% of people turn to video tutorials or explainer videos to gain a deeper understanding of a subject. This underscores the power of video in shaping consumer perceptions and driving engagement.

If this isn’t the push you need to include more video in your marketing, then maybe these tips on how best to incorporate video can help you make the right improvements.


User-generated content (UGC) is a trend that many marketers are embracing this year, and its appeal is clear. Brands that incorporate UGC, particularly in video form, in their marketing are able to showcase how their products or services are used in real-world scenarios, how they benefit people like their customers. This unfiltered, non-staged content allows viewers to see authentic applications of products and services, similar to how they would use them. Moreover, studies have demonstrated that consumers place more trust in UGC than in brand-produced content, making it a powerful tool to instill confidence in your offerings.

Animated Videos

People love animated videos because they remind them of their childhood. As such, producing some or all of your marketing videos in animation form can boost your reach and success. Telling your story as the animations act it out can capture people’s imaginations and help solidify your brand in their memory. Using a professional animated video production company to help you create your videos can allow you to put together spectacular video campaigns to support your marketing services.

Vertical Videos

Back in the early days of video production and YouTube, landscape videos were the optimal format for video content; however, with more internet users using their mobile devices, vertical videos are now preferable as they remove the need for them to change the position of their device to accommodate the way the video was shot. That’s not to say there isn’t a use for landscape videos, but you need to bear in mind how the media will be consumed so you can film it in the proper scope to make it easier to view regardless of how it is viewed.

Repurpose Videos

Never discard old or unused content. Instead, look for ways to reuse it, segment it into smaller segments, break it down, and reuse it to promote your messaging and help you reach new audiences, re-engage your audience, and get value for your marketing budget.

If you have long-form content, you can cut it into bite-size, manageable clips of around 60 seconds to two minutes. For example, you can use them as teasers linking to the more extended version, or you can reanimate boring emails with a video explaining things instead of chunks of text.

Collaborate with Influencers

Typically, influencers will have their finger on the pulse of new trends and what their audience likes and will often be highly creative with what they do and how they engage with their followers. If you want to create content that is effective and geared toward your audience, then influencer partnerships, when done right, will allow you to tap into this potential. Not only will they share with their own audience, but you get content to share with yours, thus increasing your reach and using their skills and creativity to promote your products or services.

However, do your research to ensure that the influencers you are looking at align with your brand and values; they are respectable, can prove they can deliver on agreements as requested, and have examples of previous collaborations you can check out to validate their authenticity. It’s not a case of finding someone popular; you need to check their credentials and ensure that they are a good fit, and your audience is a good fit for your brand, too.

Make It Personal

The more personalized your video is, the more likely it is to resonate with your audience. If you want your videos to make a lasting impression, you need to make them as individualized as possible. Gone are the days when generic videos suffice; people want to be addressed directly, to understand how you can assist them, not just to see you promoting your product. The more you strive to view your advertising from your audience’s perspective, the more effective your videos will be.

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