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5 Genuine Ways to Justify a Pay Rise at Your Current Job

A recent survey in the US found that 68% of people feel they are underpaid at work. Yet it can be hard to justify a pay rise without coming off as a little self-centered. But perhaps you deserve one, and it’s been a while since the last. So, here are some things you can consider beforehand.

Learn a New Language

Most companies have international clients these days, even small ones. And in many sectors, you can request a higher salary if you can speak multiple languages. This is especially true of certain industries, such as journalism, and ones that require localization and translation, such as eBooks, contract reading, and video games. You can attend classes, use apps like Rosetta Stone and check your pronunciation with Speechace as you speak your way to more money.

Further Your Current Education Level

Entering a specific field may often require a certain level of education, certification, and qualifications. Over time, you can become skilled at these, and your skill level outweighs your role. In this case, you can end up being underpaid. To level it out and justify more salary, you can increase your level of education or training. Because of this, you have the right to ask for pay that matches the industry standard for the job you are doing. Or it might be time to leave.

Justify a Pay Rise by Making a Case

With your skills, education, and hard work, you are a valuable member of the team. And after a few years working for a specific company, you can develop a solid track record of delivering results that translates into profit for your employer. So you may be able to demonstrate consistent results. Because of this, there is a case to be made for a bump in salary. Of course, your employer isn’t obligated to do this, but they are more likely to accept if you can show it.

Cultivate Relationships with Clients

Networking and client relationships are at the heart of many companies, especially the most respected. Whether you are in sales, management, or even engineering roles, clients will love you if you always go the extra mile. And most companies strive to keep their clients happy. As such, many clients will request the same person to do business, such as yourself. And your employer will not want to lose a client, which justifies requesting a reasonable raise in salary.

Demonstrate that You are Indispensable

You are you, and you are unique. Your skills, attitude, and, above all, your personality drive your commitment and make you a great employee. Because of this, you can bring in and keep clients, work harder than others, and shine as a representative of your employer company. These are what make you indispensable. Keep these up and highlight your achievements when asking for more money. Any good employer will see how valuable you are; you just have to ask.


You will need to justify a pay rise at work before asking for one. You can learn a new language or skills for more responsibility. But you must also make a solid case. Help your boss see that it would be in their best interest to keep you at a higher cost than to lose you altogether.

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