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How to Make your eCommerce Business more Appealing?

Experts estimate the total number of eCommerce sites around the world in 2021 to be between 12 and 24 million. In other words, if you are considering starting an eCommerce business, you would be facing 24 million competitors. It’s a non-negligible amount, to say the least.

The good news is that there is still plenty of room for growth. Therefore, eCommerce sites rarely suffer from devastating competition. Unfortunately, the presence of so many sites means that only a small percentage of them can sell more than $1,000/year. 

Getting noticed in such a crowded environment is easier than it seems. More often than not, digital advertising can ensure your brand gets seen. However, building an eCommerce business that attracts shoppers and can grow is another kettle of fish. The top priority for new businesses is to create a convenient shopping platform for customers. Here’s what customers expect when it comes to convenient shopping: 

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Ensure shipping is fast, reliable, and cost-effective

Frankly, nobody wants to wait for weeks before receiving their orders. When companies such as Amazon can provide same-day delivery for free for their Prime clients, eCommerce companies need to be smart to offer cost-effective, fast, and reliable shipping services. Ideally, you want to join hands with a shipping expert who can provide distribution & fulfillment services on your behalf. Professional services can meet your customers’ expectations by ensuring orders arrive quickly, safely, and without unnecessary delay or expenses. Ecommerce ventures that can guarantee seamless shipping are more likely to attract new customers. One of the most commonly asked questions before a purchase is how long shipping takes. 

Consider multiple payment methods

The pandemic has encouraged many card payment shy customers to buy online. As such, adding a safe card transaction system is a no-brainer. Yet, digital payments come in many forms and shapes. While some customers may be satisfied with bank card payments, others might prefer different methods. 

PayPal is a favorite for many customers, as it only requires an email address. Unlike card payments that need customers to enter all their card details, PayPal is easy and rapid when people want to complete the purchase rapidly. 

Finally, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity. While the decentralized financial market remains volatile, policymakers consider implementing regulations to keep the market safe and fair for all. With the rise of crypto wallets, more and more investors may prefer to use their tokens for everyday purchases rather than investment portfolios. 

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Create influencer conversation

Social media advertising may not convince users to buy from your site. However, micro-influencers can bring credibility, appeal, and authority to your brand. Micro-influencers are the regional equivalent of asking the Kardashians to promote some of your products, but instead of asking a huge international name, you focus on local individuals. For a start, the partnership is likely to be considerably cheaper.

Additionally, micro-influencers can build a close connection with their follower bases and audience. They are also more likely to engage in conversation and answer comments, which larger influencers can’t afford to do. Therefore, the positive interaction can help build a positive brand image and encourage purchases. 

Final Remarks

In conclusion, an appealing eCommerce business understands the expectations of the audience. It needs to provide quick and cheap shipping, multiple payment methods, and engaging online content. Convenient is all about making it easy to buy from your brand by building trust and inspiration through your business solutions. 

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