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3 Things You Don’t Think About When Becoming a Digitial Nomad

Deciding to take to the road while working is the dream. 

From taking your laptop to the beach to getting your work out the way and exploring. It feels like a glamorous lifestyle with endless perks. 

Being a digital nomad means that you get to travel slowly and really get to know a destination. As you work online, you get to discover coffee shops, meet other digital nomads and perhaps even pick up words in the local language while you are there. Most importantly, you’re traveling while still making money!

However, there are some things that many nomads forget about when they take to the road. Prepare for the road with these three important, yet often forgotten, things;

The Belongings You Don’t Take 

When you hit the road, you can’t take everything. 

Moving from city to city, island to island; it’s best to pack minimal with high-quality items that will last a long time. 

As a constant traveler, there needs to be room for the things that you might accumulate on the way yet you still need to fit everything in one bag. More bags become very irritating and expensive when you are always traveling.

With no home to leave your things in, purchasing storage is a great option to keep a base that doesn’t cost the same as rent. Companies such as SMARTBOX Solutions Inc. offer storage in multiple locations that will help to minimize and prioritize what you need to take for your nomad adventures.

Thinking about Taxes

Whether you operate your own business or work remotely for a company, the biggest question raised is where to pay tax when you become a digital nomad and are constantly moving.

Every country has its own rules, however, as you cannot pay tax in the country you are in without a residency card; the best option for digital nomads is to continue paying taxes in your respective country. 

Managing taxes as a digital nomad feels like a bit of a dark hole. Instead of holding back to avoid the stress of it all, keep track of everything and update your accounts regularly–you’ll thank yourself later. 

Insuring Your Tech

As a digital nomad, the technology that you carry around with you is your lifeline. 

To prepare for yourself for traveling around, insuring both yourself and all the technology that you own will cover you in the event that something goes wrong. Worse yet, you’ll have a means of getting back to work fast if something is stolen.

The digital nomad life is more tangible than ever. And, as traveling while working becomes more popular, travel insurance companies are accommodating nomad needs that cover multiple destinations. 

Digital nomad insurance caters to fewer adventure-based activities and more technology and work-related incidents. While you might be the adventurous type, working while on the road requires more of a living and less of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip style of travel – these packages recognize that. 

Choosing to become a digital nomad is a life-changing decision. As the lifestyle becomes more and more popular, there are more services that are aware of digital nomad needs. With a little forward-thinking, you and your technology will be ready for the road. 

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