Why Is Mylar Great Packaging Material?

Packaging solutions for your company have many components. It can help to consider one thing at a time and focus for a while on a particular aspect of packaging. Take the material that your product will go in, for example. This involves several factors to consider, from the material’s appearance to its weight and its cost. Custom packaging bags made of mylar offer many advantages for your company.


Benefits of Food Storage

Mylar is a polyester material that industries developed in the 1950s and since then has grown quite popular. Companies use it for many applications with packaging among its better known uses. It is desirable for packaging everything from food products to medical supplements due to its suite of favorable properties:

  • It is tough and durable
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It has chemical and dimensional stability
  • It remains chemically inert
  • It has low permeability

Suitable markets for mylar-style packaging include food products, health and beauty items, supplemental medications, lawn and garden products and many others. With flexible packaging, your company gets a wide choice of packaging options that keep your products fresh on the shelf and in the warehouse for a long duration. This helps you manage inventory, cut down on storage costs and limit waste.

Emerging technologies associated with mylar-style packaging also give your company competitive advantages. With digital printing, you gain access to low-cost printing that brings your product to market faster than traditional printing methods. You also gain the power of smaller print runs without additional costs, allowing you to test out new products without incurring high fees. This type of packaging also has many environmental benefits such as reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses from transportation due to the reduced weight of the packaging when compared with glass or metal.


Non-Expensive Material

The versatility and low cost of mylar are especially important for small and medium-sized companies. It allows you to utilize premium packaging to showcase your product and enables your items to sit side by side with national brands without looking inferior. All of this helps you attract and retain customers.

Perhaps best of all, with mylar you have many options for the look and design of your packaging. The following choices in package designs allow you to select the most appropriate style for your product:

  • Stand up pouch
  • Lay flat pouch
  • Quad seal pouch
  • Roll stock
  • Child-resistant style
  • Flat bottom pouch

The ability to market a pouch that stands up highlights the appearance of the bag. With high-quality films and bright graphics, customers will have a better chance to notice your product. These bags also have the desirable traits of durability and scalability.  As for artwork on the pouch, you can incorporate many creative touches such as spot embellishments, transparent and clouded windows and closure options.

For many reasons, mylar-style packaging will help your company grow. It puts your product in the best light possible and has many financial advantages. Your product will have a premium look and feel and add a higher level of professionalism to your brand.

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