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Why Careers In Life Sciences Are Skyrocketing In 2021

Firstly, what is the life sciences industry?

In the simplest terms possible, life sciences are all about research, development, and manufacturing different products to improve the lives of organisms. Pharmaceutical careers are a fine example; you seek to develop drugs and medicine to help cure or reduce the symptoms of illnesses.  

So, why are these sorts of jobs becoming more desirable than ever before in 2021?

The Pandemic Effect

Naturally, many people are reacting to the pandemic with an “I want to make a difference” approach. We’ve had nearly two years of epidemiologists and scientists talking to us about things we don’t understand. It’s led many young people to wonder if this is a career path for them to go down, so they can be in a position to help the world if something like this happens again. It’s this whole idea of giving back after the pandemic and doing something that really makes a difference. 

Job Diversity

Another reason for the popularity rise is that there is a growing job diversity in the sector. You don’t just have the people getting their hands dirty and making new things, you’ve also got others behind the scenes. A lot of research roles are available, which people find extremely interesting. Then, you have companies like Synergistix making software for life sciences businesses. As a result, people with backgrounds in technology are being employed to manage new software systems and help with the technical and marketing side of things. No matter how you look at it, the sheer job diversity means there’s a role for absolutely everyone in this massive industry. 

Emerging Technologies

Speaking of technology, it is always growing and becoming more impressive in the life sciences sector. This is what attracts many people to roles in this industry as they are keen to see or use new technologies. It’s exciting to work with the latest things to help make a difference in people’s lives. Something relatively simple like 3D printing is a really good example. Businesses in this sector can now manufacture body parts using 3D printers! There’s a really good video that you can see below that talks about this in more detail: 

The thought of using these technologies or helping to bring new technology to the world of life science attracts many people to the industry. 

There’s no denying that the last two points are big ones regarding why the industry is popular. However, we’d be fools to ignore that the main reason for the upsurge in people looking for life sciences jobs is down to the pandemic. When you live through a pandemic, you start wondering what you can do to help out.

You look at your children or the next generation and want to do whatever you can to stop it from happening. Being part of the life sciences sector is a massive step toward doing just that. You can make a real difference, and more and more people are feeling compelled to do so. 

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