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What Not to Do When Your Small Business Gets Hit with Bad PR on Social Media

So don’t blame this on Cancel Culture, but it’s not too uncommon for some business (and definitely large) businesses to get hit with hate on social media. Maybe someone had a bad order; maybe an influencer is made at someone and making it personal, or maybe your business was full-on in the wrong (like a bad or tasteless post). 

This can cause a bad month; truly, it can, in fact, even be a full-on nightmare having to deal with all of this, too! Regardless, you need to play really smart, and you have to be careful too. It happens to the best of us, and while it’s not fun, it’s something you can navigate with grace. So, with that all said, here is what you need to know about what not to do when dealing with bad PR on social media.

Don’t Panic and React Hastily 

If you react hastily, then you might end up in the mess that Bryan Freedman at the moment with defamation, seriously, bad PR can escalate into things getting a lot worse- which is something you’ll want to try and avoid at all cost! When you react and panic, one bad thing will just lead to another, and there’s this whole domino effect! 

By all means, yes, you’ll immediately be hit with a wave of panic, but this is super common for businesses; just keep that in mind. So, with that all said, just go ahead and take a deep breath and resist the urge to respond immediately. Knee-jerk reactions can often make the situation worse. Instead, take a moment to assess the situation calmly. You need to be in a state of calm in order to think about the best way to address the issue thoughtfully and professionally. Does this sound generic? Yes, it does, but at the same time, there’s a lot of truth behind this, too. 

Don’t Ignore the Issue

One of the worst things you can do is ignore the negative feedback. Big businesses do this all the time, but they’re in a position where they can do this. You also need to remember that social media is public, and silence can be interpreted as indifference or guilt. Address the issue head-on. So go ahead and acknowledge the concerns raised, show empathy, and demonstrate that you are taking steps to resolve the problem. Seriously, just ignoring it will only make the negative sentiment grow.

Don’t Get Defensive

It’s natural to want to defend your business, especially if you feel the criticism is unfair. However, you also have to keep in mind that responding defensively can escalate the situation. Seriously, it’s a bad look, and it shows that your business is the furthest thing from even being professional! 

So you’ll need to avoid arguing with customers or belittling their complaints. Instead, thank them for their feedback and assure them that their concerns are being taken seriously. This shows you value their input and are committed to improving.

Don’t Delete Negative Comments

A lot of people will tell you to do this, but the comments will only grow bigger and bigger in waves if you do this. Usually, social media platforms will prevent hoards of people from downvoting, harassing, or leaving negative reviews if they notice a business or page has received massive amounts of attention.

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