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What Do The New Vaccine Rules Mean For You?

There has been a lot of talk about the new vaccine rules and questions around enforcement. People are scared and worried about what this will mean for them. Thankfully, we have some of the answers so that you can put your mind at rest.

The New Vaccine rules

When looking at how the world has changed since early 2020, we can say the distrust amongst people is understandable. When it comes to laws that are enforced on us, we become frustrated as they may impact our daily lives and careers with the new vaccines. Let’s see how these new laws and rules can govern us.

They are enforceable

If you decide not to get vaccinated, that is your choice. However, other people who cannot get vaccinated because of their health need as many other people to get vaccinated. Although nobody can force you to get the newest vaccine, you might find that you are limited with certain activities. The idea of passports and proof of vaccination has gotten a lot of people annoyed, but these have always existed. If you have travelled extensively, you will already know that you need to get a full health check-up and certain vaccinations in order to visit certain countries. They have always existed, they are just more widespread than before. And if you don’t get vaccinated, this privilege can be removed from you.

They are safe

A lot of people have raised questions about how safe the newest vaccines are, and this is understandable. However, the research which has led to the vaccines being developed has built on nearly 100 years worth of research. There are also a lot of fuels and regulations about how vaccines should be stored in a vaccine fridge to ensure that it does not get damaged. Believe it or not, but there are laws in places that protect you from getting pumped with any old rubbish and the goal is to save lives. 

It does remove freedom of choice

This is one area that a lot of people are confused with because they are being told that they need to be vaccinated in order to do certain things. This is not an infringement on your rights. You have every right to refuse the vaccine, but that does not mean that you are not immune from the consequences of your actions. If the army was beating down your door, throwing you in the back of a van, taking you to an undisclosed location, giving you the vaccine against your will, that is having your freedom removed. 

You have to face the consequences

You might believe that the rules don’t apply to you or that Big Pharma is out to get us all. Whatever your reason is for not getting vaccinated for this pandemic or any of the ones that will follow, you need to face the consequences. This could be that you don’t get entry to businesses, because private companies have a right to refuse service on any grounds as long as it does not discriminate against a person.

The Government might deny you access to certain things such as jobs because they have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe and protected from disease. You might be denied the ability to travel if you refuse to get vaccinated against preventable disease and a different country does not want it to spread in their area.

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