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The Best SaaS for Startup Businesses

Startup businesses need to keep their costs low and their productivity high, at least until they reach a certain stage of growth, then they can think about further investment. That’s why SaaS is such an excellent infrastructure for startups, it brings together the functionality of avoidable technology into a single platform at a low cost – here is the software you can’t do without.  


Office-orientated startups businesses these days are likely to operate a virtual office using SaaS collaboration tools. The advantages are obvious, lower costs and better cash flow, in the beginning, helps to increase productivity and drive the business, but what’s the best SaaS?

There are a lot of free tools available online such as Google Docs, Calendar, and Microsoft Teams; however, Bit.ai is a complete solution for startups. Bit.ai requires no upfront fee – just a subscription – and it integrates all aspects of office life in one fully easy-to-use platform. 


Content is still king when it comes to marketing your business and increasing conversions on your website, so why not make life easier with Elink, a progressive content curation toolkit. Elink allows you to publish e-mail newsletters, create SEO webpages, embed web content, and more. 

The content you create must be engaging, trackable, and SEO friendly; with the right content production methods, you can grow your customer base steadily and retain existing customers with regular value-adding content. Elink also integrates with existing software like Mailchimp. 


Project management is big business nowadays, especially when it comes to SaaS services and online workstations. What a SaaS solution can offer your business is complete integration and increased productivity by reducing the inefficiencies of using existing project management tools. 

With Trello software, you have access to boards, cards, lists, calendars, and more, that allows you to create tasks for your team or for individual team members. Employees can log into their tasks at any time and see what the priority status is on workloads to help complete the project. 


These days messenger apps are used by everyone, so it was only a matter of time before the business world caught hold of this useful technology and turned it into a dedicated messenger for businesses. Slack is the result, and it’s the perfect communication tool for startups

Slack uses message groups called channels. Channels can be created for teams, groups, or individual chats. Startups can create channels for partners such as a dedicated Law Office that ensures your startup business has a steady legal footing and handles all of your legal claims.  


If your startup is interested in customer interaction and retention, you need to get onboard with Hubspot. Hubspot is the definitive sales and inbound marketing SaaS solution that has everything you need for content curation and customer relationship management (CRM). 

As with all the SaaS software on the list, Hubspot is a subscription service that requires no installation; just sign up and get started. With Hubspot operating in the background, you can expect better lead generation, better tools for engaging customers, and excellent analytics. 

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