Small Business Owner? Best Practices For Running Your Own Team

Do you own your own business? Then there’s a good chance you’re the only one working for it. However, that will need to change at some point if you want to expand! As such, if you’d like to become the leader of a team in the near future, it’s going to take practice to keep the environment from becoming toxic, unproductive, and responsible for high turnover.

This is a struggle every business owner has to go through at some point, which thankfully means there’s plenty of help out there to rely on. Here are a few tips that’ll set you on the right track.


Delegation Doesn’t Only Benefit You

If you delegate tasks to the team, you prove to them that you believe in their skill and experience. It also means you’re willing to give up a bit of control that allows for collaboration, which often leads to much better results within the business world. 

Delegation gives you the chance to see what your team can really do. As a leader, this is essential when the time comes to promote, or to assign managerial roles across various project parameters. 


Allow Communication at all Times

Do you take a while to get back to your employees? This is going to be unavoidable from time to time; you’ve got a job to do as well! However, you should never tell employees they’re unable to contact you at certain times. Your team needs feedback from you on a regular basis and that’s something you should never take advantage of. So, if you’re on the clock at the same time as they are, make sure you’ve got multiple communication channels open! 


Is There Hiring Support Available?

If you want to be a good employer, you need to be able to identify the missing skills from your current workset. If that’s not something you’re good at, talk to a recruitment agency near you. Looking for hiring support will in turn help you find the best workers for your team. 

And the support doesn’t stop there! You could even apply for employee credit to help pay the costs of keeping them in work. Be careful with this, however, as the application can be tricky to get through and ERC Audits are becoming more and more common. 


Be as Clear as Possible

If you’re as clear as possible with your team, they’re never going to make a decision that’s against the company’s best interests. After all, they know what you want, what’s expected of them, and the best way to communicate with you. All of these factors together will keep your operations ticking over without slowing down. 

Set expectations and boundaries. Both are good and encourage healthy productivity in the workplace. Don’t be harsh but be as firm as you can; a good boss knows that being a leader requires a strong hand, but they never grip tightly. 

If your small business needs a team, make time to build your leadership skills first. 

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