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How to Start a Business if You’ve Got a Checkered Past

As you can appreciate, the United States is a nation filled with entrepreneurs. Each year, many Americans decide to start new businesses. Some choose to start out as sole proprietors, while the rest team up with others and form LLPs or corporations.

Unfortunately, some people with an entrepreneurial spark don’t feel like they can form new businesses due to certain problems or issues they’ve had in their personal lives in the past. If that sounds like a familiar stumbling block to you, all is not lost.

The following gives you some inspirational hints and tips to help you overcome some challenges in your professional life if you’ve had a checkered past in your personal one:

Seek Professional Advice

Are there any legal matters that are currently ongoing? If so, it pays to have them dealt with by a professional law firm like Takakjian & Sitkoff. The last thing you should do is handle any legal issues alone or without seeking professional advice.

When you work with lawyers specializing in the area where you’re having problems, they can defend you and your interests. Plus, they can help you tackle issues like defamation of character or wrongful arrest, for example.

Look Into Reputation Management

Next, you should seek the help of a company that offers reputation management services. That’s because there might be things written about you online that are untrue or damaging, and you want to eradicate them so you can start your business from a clean slate.

As you know, negative press in the digital world can spread far and wide. If you don’t contain such negativity, it can hamper your new business ideas in several ways. Search for reputation management in Google to find a nearby service provider that can help you.

Research Alternative Financing Options

Does your checkered past relate to how you’ve conducted your financial affairs previously? If the answer’s yes, and you need to raise capital for your new business idea, it’s still possible to achieve your goals.

For example, your research might find crowdfunding options to help you pay your startup costs and get your new business operational. Alternatively, you might discover brands like Lending Club that can offer financing options even with your financial history.

There are many financing options out there, so there’s no need to despair and think that your past mistakes will prevent you from realizing your business goals.

Work With a Mentor

One final point to consider: have you ever thought about working with a business mentor? If your past mistakes have resulted in the closure of previous businesses, a mentor can help you stay on track and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Business mentors have typically experienced company owners with decades of knowledge and insight across a myriad of industries. Some may even provide their services in exchange for a small share of your company.

You can usually find business mentors through local chambers of commerce or via business networking events. They are well-placed to help you start and grow your next enterprise.

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