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How to Manage your Business from your Laptop

We are all living in a digital age and global connectivity changes the business arena in so many ways; the Internet of Things is just on the horizon and there are many entrepreneurs that manage their business using their trusted MacBook Air, which is definitely doable in this day and age.

Managed IT Services 

Regardless of what sector, the IT services provider can tailor to suit; if you run an ecommerce business, you need instant web access with a hi-speed connection, which you can get when you hook up with IT support in Santa Clarita, empowering you and your business. Forget cell networks for communication, the IT service provider can set you up with VoIP and you can wear a lightweight headset and communicate on the move.

Wireless connectivity is here to stay and Zoom is all you need to contact associates, suppliers and clients, which you do from any digital device. Most small business owners keep a tablet for working while travelling and with a roaming SIM with unlimited net access, you are good to go!

Online Transactions

People have to be paid and that doesn’t have to involve going anywhere; Bitcoin is the future and the cryptocurrency can be broken down to a few cents and sending and receiving is cheap and secure. Of course, we all rely on PayPal and e-commerce businesses accept all major credit cards and the more payment options you have, the better. Click here for tips to save a small business from bankruptcy.

Zoom your Team

Zoom is the next generation real-time video platform that enables you to stay connected with your remote team, wherever they might be. Your top engineer is in Australia on that big project, while your support is based in Ontario Canada and you’re sitting in your home here in NC; Zoom meetings enable you all to connect and collaborate. If you want to escape the harsh US winter, you could stay in Costa Rica or Thailand for a few months and still run your business. Indeed, you are a digital nomad who is not restricted in any way.


Assuming you are the kind of person who always has a digital device connected to the web, you can achieve a lot with notifications; find out when that proposal was read by the client, get a reminder of that important Zoom call with your supplier. This is perfect for those with memory issues and if you’re running a large business, notifications are a life-saver.

Power Bank

Invest in a good quality power bank to cover you for those remote situations when a power supply isn’t available. Great back up for long flights and train journeys, this could prevent a serious business issue one day, you never know.

Never before have we had the technology to manage a business from a single digital device and when the Internet of Things is up and running, we will enter a new dimension of digital connectivity. There are many benefits from being a digital nomad; no more rush hour traffic and you can wear shorts when having a Zoom business meeting, while sitting on a tropical island.

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