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How To Keep Your Office Space Safe And Secure

Five days a week, on average, full-time workers spend one-third of their time at work. In industries with high demands, employees could spend more time at work than at home. It is imperative for you to safeguard employees’ safety and security given the length of time they spend at work.

There is also a lot of information and items that could be of high value which you need to keep safe too.

Introduce visitor and staff identification badges 

The use of badges might help you easily identify the person you are interacting with. Additionally, you can quickly and conveniently sign in and out of the office by swiping your ID card against a visitor management device.

Furthermore, workers who display their names on their shirts are more likely to carry out their tasks even more effectively than usual. All guests should be given an appropriate guest badge in a distinct colour as an added precaution to help you identify them.

Become a member of Local Business Watch 

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Many local councils have a programme called “Business Watch” that aims to prevent crime and lower security hazards for nearby companies. By adding your company to the neighbourhood business watch, you can be confident that the police in your area will help you keep the premises where your business is located safe.

You will receive information from your neighbourhood police department regarding neighbourhood crimes that are having an effect on local businesses as well as specialised crime-prevention recommendations.

Add a security system 

One of the best ways to discourage burglars and keep your company safe is through alarm systems. These electronic systems provide emergency signals to the police or a private security firm in the event of a break-in. It is possible to do this through phone or online connection.

In response, a security officer may be sent to your location. Two-way communication devices are also used by advanced systems. Voice intercoms and CCTV are some of these. In light of this, an alarm system can deter theft by catching the offender in the act. This may act as an added disincentive to illicit activity.

Give workers the proper equipment 

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Companies can assist employees secure their possessions in a lot more ways than just by providing them with a sturdy laptop case, of course. Employees should be able to quickly encrypt sensitive data (in conjunction with sound encryption practices, which we’ll cover in more detail below).

Additionally, antivirus software and password-protection technologies should be used by all personnel. Ideal password security standards, two-factor authentication (2FA), and multi-factor authentication should all be part of this (MFA). Additionally, IT departments should guarantee that remote workers have a solid VPN and a secure Internet connection.

Fire Safety

Make an emergency plan and finish your fire risk assessment. Maintain your fire doors on a regular basis, and even on hot days, prevent personnel from prying them open. Make careful to examine and maintain any electrical equipment. Make sure your electrical system is examined frequently, ideally once a year. You can also be a lot more safe by getting an early fire detection system.

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