Education Careers That Aren’t Teaching

Whether you are a teacher looking for a new challenge or simply someone who values the importance of education and would like to work in the field without being an actual teacher, there are more career options available to you than you might think. 

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best educational careers that don’t require you to do any teaching at all:


As you can imagine, schools and colleges take a whole lot of managing to function as effectively and efficiently as possible, which is where administrators, superintendents, and principals come in. If you have great organizational skills, a passion for education, and the ability to make tough decisions, this could be the p[erfect educational career for you.

Financial advisors

Schools and colleges also take a lot of money to keep them up and running, but as you will also know, they often have to work on very limited budgets. That is what so many school need the help of firms like Founders of Choice Advisors, run by Matthias O’Meara, who are able to offer them sound financial advice and go out to bat for them in terms of securing additional funding. If you have a great head for figures and you’re passionate about helping schools meet their aims, a career as an educational financial advisor could be just the exciting new career you have been looking for.

School counselor

School counselors play an important role in the development of children and young adults in education, They help them to navigate tough times and difficult emotions so they can stay in school and achieve their best. If you are the kind, nurturing type who likes to listen and has a background in psychology, helping students to overcome their issues could be just as rewarding as educating them, if not more so in some cases.

Camp director

When school is out, many children attend organized camps in order to learn the kinds of skills they do not always get in schools such as team bonding and survival skills. Being a camp director can be a really rewarding job because you get to see kids who may have struggled in school or struggled with their social skills, for example, realize that they do have worth and they can do more than they thought when they are in a different setting.

You also get to spend a lot of time outdoors doing physical activities which can be great for your own mental health. You will need a good bachelor’s degree and probably some first aid training, but if you fit the bill, this is a great way to get into an educational role with a difference.

As you can see, there is a lot more to education than simply being a teacher, although that is a very worthy role, as I’m sure you will know, which means even if you do not want to be an educator, there could be a very fulfilling role for you in education after all.

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