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Creative Ways to Convert More Customers

At the end of the day, the one thing you need to be able to do if you want your company to be a success is to convert more customers. After all, without customers, you have no profits and without profits, your company will not survive for long.

Okay, but how do you get those all-important conversions? You know the basics like A/B testing and crafting killer calls to action, and sure they can help you convert more customers, but there are more creative ways of doing so, that are often more effective too. So, let’s take a look at some of them now:

Run a contest

Running a contest can really help to get more customers interested in your company, but if you want to really see people getting involved, following you, and hopefully making a purchase in the end, you need to ensure your contest is as creative as possible.

Instead of simply giving away a prize to a random person who follows your company, run a competition where the winner is the person who designs the most eye-catching poster or does the craziest stunt and it will absolutely garner more attention for you and your brand.

Use appointment reminder software

This might not sound all that creative, but most business owners simply do not think about the fact that using good simple Google Calendar reminders to ensure that prospective customers and clients do not miss appointments is a good way to increase conversions, which makes this a very creative solution indeed. Think about it, if people miss appointments you don’t get a chance to sell to them, but if they show up, well you have a 50/50 chance of making that sale. Minimize missed appointments and you will convert more – it really is that simple.

Create a sense of urgency

Something that can really work well is to make your customers feel like they need to act fast. Probably, the best way to do this is to create a website pop-up with a time-limited offer. For example, you could have a pop-up announcing half off all t-shirts for the next fifteen minutes. Make it sound even more urgent by including a countdown timer that slowly ticks way in front of the customer, if the deal is good, the sense of urgency this creates will very often result in a quick sale. Give it a try, it really does work.

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Keep it real

In 2022, many customers hate to feel like they are being sold to, so one thing you can do to increase your conversions without very much effort at all is to do away with all the sales jargon and the pushiness and simply layout what your product or service is, why it will help your customers and how much it costs. That’s it. Many customers will find this approach not only refreshing but also more honest and that will really endear your business to them.

Use video

Video can be a powerful tool for converting customers. You can use it to really showcase what your products do in a way that instantly and visually connects with the customer. You can also be funny or informative and that will mean that your videos get more shares and likes which should lead to more conversions on top of your video demos, too.

Write an amazing brand story

Customers love a good story. They like to hear how your brand got started, why you do what you do and what your business does in terms of helping people and solving problems.

If you can bring all of this information together in a compelling brand origin story, you will have the customers eating out of your hand and throwing cash your way. Just make sure that you keep it honest and authentic because, if you lie or embellish, you will get found out and your conversions will go in exactly the opposite direction to what you would like.  

Write a blog

Yes, even in 2022, blogging can bring in customers and convince them to buy. The key is to become an authority in your niche and write as widely and as prolifically as you can to boost your profile and get your brand name out there.

So there you have it, you can easily increase your company’s conversion rate by thinking more creatively and being smarter in a simple way. Now you know what to do, there’s nothing stopping you so reach for the stars and see those profits soar.

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