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Business Ideas For Those That Love Being Outdoors

Eager to start a business, but don’t want to be confined indoors all day? There are plenty of business opportunities that allow you to work outside. Below are just a few business ideas that are ideal for outdoorsy people. 

Dog walking/dog training

If you love dogs, a dog-based business could be a great form of outdoor work to consider. Dog walking is a simple service you could provide – there are many people who need someone to walk their dog for them while they are working or busy. Dog training could allow you to make slightly more money and could similarly allow you to spend time outdoors. Both businesses don’t require any equipment or qualifications. 


Whether you’re growing crops in a field or attending to livestock, farming is a business opportunity that is certain to get you outdoors. Farming is not an easy business to get into – it requires a lot of investment upfront (including the cost of land, produce and equipment) and a lot of research. Some forms of farming are more profitable than others. Check out this guide at Fit Small Business to compare some of the most lucrative options.


Many people are willing to pay someone to maintain or transform their yard. Landscaping can involve various outdoor tasks ranging from laying patios to maintaining flowers. It’s worth having some experience in landscaping before starting a business.

Lawnmowing meanwhile may not require so much experience, but you’ll still need to invest in some decent equipment. Sites like Bradley Mowers sell a range of commercial mowers to choose from. If you love gardening or lawn maintenance, this could be a great business opportunity for you.


Another outdoor-based business to consider could be roofing or guttering. Both businesses don’t require any formal qualifications, however, you probably still want to do some training so that you understand how roofing and guttering works. Experience working in construction could be a good start.

Pool maintenance

A lot of people who own swimming pools regularly hire someone to maintain them. This could be another business idea that allows you to spend a lot of time outdoors. You’ll need to purchase your own pool cleaning equipment and will likely need to do some training if you haven’t got experience cleaning pools.

Market stall vendor

Renting a stall at an outdoor market could allow you to sell products of your choice and could be a lot cheaper than opening up a store in a building. All you need are products to sell and a license to run a market stall and you’re ready to go.

Outdoor tours

There are many outdoor tour ideas that you could look into to make some money. This could include boat tours, mountain hiking tours, or even city walking tours. Some tours may not require any equipment to operate, however, you will need an extensive knowledge of the location that you’re touring – so spend time doing your research first.

Outdoor exercise classes/outdoor sports

Finally, there could be the option of training people outdoors. This could include outdoor classes like yoga or a boot camp, or an outdoor sport like tennis or golf. If you’re into exercise or sport, these are great avenues to pursue. Licenses or qualifications may be needed to teach certain sports – bear this in mind. 

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