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Best Online Learning Platforms In 2022

Distance learning had been practiced long before the pandemic hit the world. However, COVID-19 boosted the development of online learning tools and resources to unparalleled levels. Students now benefit from new remote and hybrid learning modes. 

The data from the Census Bureau shows that more than 90% of parents say their school-age children are involved in distance learning. A growing number of college students are also getting engaged in various forms of online training programs. These include fully online or hybrid models. 

The quality of online platforms varies. You might get a pig in a poke if you don’t review the pros and cons of each. We’re recommending some of the best online learning platforms that are hard to beat.

  • Coursera

Coursera was founded by Stanford University back in 2012. It is by far not the only platform offering massive open online courses (MOOCs); however, it is the leader in terms of having the broadest range of options. In addition to Stanford, Princeton and other prestigious universities started offering courses through the platform a long time ago.

Coursera has kept growing to become a truly international entity, working with over 200 educational institutions across the globe.

By using Coursera, you can save lots of your time. If you are overloaded with your college assignments, use the best college essay writing service to ease your workload. Professional writers will complete your essay on time and to the highest academic standards.

  • Kahoot

Kahoot is a popular platform using game-based learning approaches. It is used by thousands of students in the world. Kahoot is using a broad selection of games and quizzes designed to assess the knowledge of students. It is a fun alternative to traditional, classroom-based studies. 

Users find Kahoot’s resources to be easily applicable. It is common knowledge that learning is more effective when students are given opportunities to learn through games. Kahoot has earned a great reputation for the top-notch quality of its resources. What’s more, you can access the platform via mobile devices, desktop computers, or tablets.

  • Udemy

Udemy is another potent platform with plenty of MOOCs. Udemy’s courses are known for their quality instruction, a wide selection of subjects, and practical content. Students find them easy to apply. They particularly appreciate writing courses that help advance creative writing and communication skills. 

Most courses certify students upon completion, which is a great extra. The platform has almost 40 million users of its 1000+ online courses. Most of these courses cover IT and business fields, which are the most popular subjects among users. The platform is enjoyed and appreciated by students and instructors in equal measure. 

  • Quizlet

This AI-based platform stands out for its famous flashcards. The platform also includes lots of practice assessments, quizzes, and great games. Millions of students benefit from their well-designed features. The platform claims that almost 90% of users report higher grades. 

Not only that, students can use flashcards developed by other users. This helps save time on creating them from scratch.

  • Headspace

Headspace helps users create a propitious and comfortable learning environment. It’s a great resource for approaching the learning process with the right mindset and attitude.

The platform offers a great selection of meditation exercises to help concentrate on your assignments. Headspace helps get rid of distractions to make your learning super effective.

Final Remarks

The learning process is fast-evolving to keep up with change. The learning platforms are also evolving to adjust to the changing requirements of students and tutors. Learning is now made more effective through a broader range of online resources, platforms, and courses that make the learning process more enjoyable too.

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