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Benefits of promotional products, their types, and how to choose a supplier?      

All successful businesses make the most of promotional strategies, and why not? The benefits of promoting your business are many, including expanding market presence, attracting potential customers, and ultimately, increasing revenues.

You can choose from various promotional strategies, including sponsorships, paid advertising, public relations, and direct selling. But one that is highly effective, and utilized by successful companies, is promotional products. 

These are products containing a logo or brand name that companies distribute to the general public free of cost. Businesses give these out during trade fairs, business conferences, product launches, and as holiday gifts. It is the cheapest and most effective way to bring attention to your business and increase potential customers.

And the statistics also support the efficacy of promotional products being an effective marketing tool. For example, more than 90% of people who receive them can recall the brand’s name, while 80% remember the message a business tried to convey through their product.

There are several companies that supply promotional products at competitive prices and assist you with branding requirements. Some even offer free design assistance. But what are some products they supply and things you should know before contacting them? Read on to find out.

What are the different kinds of promotional items?

Christmas gifts on sale

These are some promotional items that you can order from or a similar product supplier. 


Do you want maximum space on a product that accommodates your company’s logo or brand name? Clothes give you the option to do that. You can choose from t-shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, sweatshirts and vests. Everybody likes receiving a shirt or vest, and receiving one free of cost will make them appreciate you greatly.

If brand awareness is your primary objective, then nothing works better than clothes. It offers the benefit of mobile advertising, as people notice your brand’s name on the clothes whenever the person wears them. School-going kids, gym goers, corporate professionals, sportspeople, bartenders, and hikers are some who will find clothing products helpful.


These include wristbands, lights and torches, magnets, keyrings, confectionery, key rings, and phone accessories. Stress balls and toys are two other items that fall under this category. 

They are a good option for companies working on a limited budget since items like wristbands, keyrings and phone charges are cheaper to have your logo printed on than items like glassware.

Moreover, these items last for a long time. Every time customers use your product, they will recall your brand and form a favourable impression. Another benefit they have is that of mobility and utility since customers can take them everywhere, particularly things like chargers and pen drives. 


Even though drinkware items are a bit on the expensive side, they make a strong impression on the recipient. Items that fall under this category, such as glassware, mugs and cups, thermos and vacuum flasks, shakers and tumblers, are used by people in their daily lives. 

These items appeal to various sections of the population, allowing you to reach out to the maximum number of people. Avid coffee drinkers, enthusiastic hikers, beer lovers, and gym goers will thank you for the cups, insulated bottles, beer glasses, and sports bottles you give them free of charge.

Since these products have ample space on their bodies, you can print a catchy message, slogan or design that is visible to themselves and everybody around whenever they use them. 

How to choose a product supplier?

It would help if you found a product supplier with a wide variety of products in their collection. They should offer free design assistance, providing visual mock-ups and pre-production samples. Reviewing customer reviews and checking the shipping time are other factors to consider when choosing a product supplier. 

Handing out promotional products is a good way of drawing people’s attention to your brand and ensuring they recall it every time they use it. It is an effective marketing strategy to attract potential customers and increase sales in the long run. 

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