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7 Must-Have Camping Gadgets for 2022

In the olden days, camping was pretty simple and didn’t require too much equipment to start the journey: you’d probably need to take a tent, sleeping bag, compass, some food, and other basic items. However, with more and more innovative technologies and life-changing devices that have become irreplaceable appliances in our daily routine, even such an indigenous thing as RV camping has evolved a lot.

You’ll surely want to get some camping supplies that will help you to charge your smartphone for the amazing pictures and travel videos, two-way radios to reach each other in no signal places, a smart dog collar with GPS for your fido, and many other gadgets you can make use of. 

We’ve reviewed hundreds of different camping gadgets that are commonly used during RV family vacations and are now ready to share the most useful camping devices which are worth your attention.  

7 Best Gadgets for Your RV Dream Trip

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No matter whether it’s your first trip or you’re already an experienced camper – you’ll surely want to make your camping experience comfortable and exciting. Being one of the most dedicated camping sites, we’ve prepared a list of the popular camping gadgets that will help you to upgrade your life while traveling by your RV. 

#1 Powerstation

Powerstation is a must-have gadget for any trip today, as it allows you to always stay connected with the world through your smartphone. You can charge the laptop to access the Internet, charge the necessary USB devices when you’re out of the RV, and many more. So, keeping one fully charged and handy is of the essence. 

Moreover, with a power station, you won’t have to worry about camper vans’ batteries charging down all devices, which is surely a huge benefit for travelers. 

#2 Headlamp Flashlight

Another essential gadget to always keep handy is a headlamp – one of the most important emergency tools to get before starting traveling. Not only does it enable walking around the campsite after the sunset, but can also be used for a variety of different routines that require good lighting: searching for some items, fixing your RV, and many more. 

Additionally, this tool can help you better observe and understand the area, which is extremely important for both summer and winter destinations in forests or mountains.

#3 Two-Way Radios

Most RV camping places are usually organized with a group of travelers, which head off to their next adventures to various destination places regardless of the season. However, to ensure secure staying in any area, it’s critical to always stay in touch with each other, which is not that easy with a smartphone in some uninhabited places with wild fauna. 

Two-way radios are truly the must-have gadgets for camping that will become your best helper to communicate from a distance. These tools can also become extremely useful when backing into a camping site, as you no longer need to give hand signals to each other – just say it into your radio device!

Furthermore, that can be a useful learning game for your kids that will help them to better navigate different areas and give you a signal in case of emergency. 

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#4 Coffee Maker

If you’re a huge coffee lover and can’t imagine your day without drinking a cup, the next device you will certainly want to get for your RV camping is a coffee maker. Fortunately, today we have a variety of different portable coffee gadgets that help us make the tastiest caffeine beverages with a low-power or even without electricity at all. 

For instance, the brew coffee fans can find the manual brewer, which is inexpensive and doesn’t take too much space in your RV. 

#5 Camera

Those that are passionate not only about the adventures but also the memories should also consider purchasing a camera for their camping trips. Digital cameras and instant cameras are some of the cool camping gadgets that help you to capture the most exciting moments from any trip of yours and keep them for the rest of your life! Nevertheless, be sure to gram smartphone for shooting as well.

Moreover, if you’re a big fan of trip videos, you can even create one while traveling, for instance, share your RV camping experience or mention the funniest moments of your trip!

#6 Laptop

writing on laptop

This gadget is without any doubt one of the must-have devices you’ll take with you for RV camping. It allows working remotely from nearly anywhere, making movies about current events, and learning some new computer skills while resting. 

Moreover, you can also make use of your laptop even without an Internet connection. With this functional device, it becomes easy to find some games and engaging activities for your kids, such as, for example, teaching your kids how to make family videos with video editors for beginners!

You can help them to master some advanced tricks in the native iMovie app if you have a MacBook, or iMovie for Windows 10 if you’re savvy about Windows gear. Fun activities for kids like implementing visual and audio effects can strengthen your family relationships and will be remembered forever. 

Or else, you can watch the best movies and their favorite cartoons after the active daytime spent outdoors, which means they’ll never get bored!

#7 Smart Dog Collar With GPS Tracking

Last but not the least useful gadget to take with you on an RV camping trip is a dog collar with the in-built tracker. It’s a must-have tool that can ensure your dog’s safety in nearly any area, as it allows sharing the real-time geolocation of your fido. So, if you’ve decided to exercise on the road with your four-paw friend, you won’t need to worry about your pet getting lost during the morning running or evening walks. 

Make Yourself at Home With the Right RV Camping Gadgets!

Comfort and usability are one of the major aspects travelers focus on when choosing smart devices for RV camping. Luckily, today we have thousands of different options that can make our camping routines more convenient and much easier, as well as organize much better rest and leisure.

What other camping gadgets would you recommend for comfortable RV trips, and why? Are there any must-have devices you can’t imagine camping without these days? Tell us more about those in the comments below!

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