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What Are Managed IT Services and Why Your Business Needs Them

The world is in a constant stage of change and we have been on the high-speed road to digital connectivity for quite a few years already. Every business has to strive to be more efficient and effective than their competitors and that invariably involves a range of IT services that are managed by industry professionals.

Top IT Services US Businesses Require

Today’s business might require a range of managed IT services, such as:

Cloud network

The best managed IT services provider in Houston can create a secure cloud network to store your business data, which can be accessed using any digital device at any geographical location. Back up is fully automated every few minutes and you simply create a permissions hierarchy, to control who has access to what. The sales team can access customer data while in the field and upgrade in real-time, while your accountant doesn’t have to come to your office, as they can access the required data from their own office.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The latest generation of business communication offers real-time video meetings using VoIP platforms such as Zoom and Skype and the cost is much lower than cell providers. Ask a local IT service provider to give you a free demo using VoIP, and you can call any cell phone or landline number. You have the option of just audio, or audio and video, which is great for online collaboration. The network is secure so you can enjoy confidential business conversations with associates, plus from your central control panel, you are able to monitor all call traffic.


The threat of cyber-attack is very real and a business cannot rely on anti-virus software; rather you need a professional hands-on cyber-security solution that is monitoring your network 24/7. The hacker uses many sly techniques to get the info they need to get into a network and you should train all staff on best cybersecurity practices, which will reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber-crime. When you join forces with a local managed IT services company that is based here in Houston, your cyber-security worries are over. Here are a few creative ways to boost your customer conversion rates.

Hardware support

We all know just how unreliable computers, printers and scanners can be; always breaking down when we really need to use them. Talk to a local IT support company and they can offer you fixed fee hardware support, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. Every digital device in your office would come under the IT support umbrella, plus they can sort out potential software issues as well. If it can’t be fixed remotely, a technician would be sent to your office.

Final Remarks

The IT support sector is booming, as all businesses look to stay ahead of the game by making good use of the latest digital tech and the best way to do that is to forge a working alliance with a local IT support company. The Internet of Things is on the horizon, which will be powered by 5G and this will change the business landscape for the better.

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