How to Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol while Living in a Big City

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a tangible problem with far-reaching consequences for both individuals and society. In big cities, drugs and alcohol are slowly becoming a cultural norm and almost everyone is seen consuming them.

When consumed in large amounts, alcohol is exceedingly harmful; it’s bad for your mind, liver, and stomach. Similarly, ecstasy has been shown to cause harm to some brain cells. Amphetamines, on the other hand, have been shown to cause harm to some brain cells. Heroin is also a harmful drug that can kill a person.

Eradicating these drugs, especially in the big cities, where drugs and alcohol are seen as stress relievers is extremely important. But while it is done on a large scale, here are a few ways you can stay away from drugs and alcohol and can lead a healthy life:

1. Weigh The Pros And Cons

If you are torn between the decision of taking or leaving drugs, weigh all the pros and cons logically. For example, the advantages may be that you feel relaxed and pleasured. While the disadvantages are that you feel that you are doing too little, that you are not functioning optimally, and that your condition suffers.

These pros and cons can be based on personal preferences. Once all these pros and cons are listed down, pick a side. This will help you see things from a new perspective and help you make a decision. If this list doesn’t seem to work out for you, you can always get help from Charleston outpatient rehab.

2. Create Healthy Routine To Keep You Busy

When you perform the same thing repeatedly, you develop a habit – anything that you can do without realizing it. Some habits are beneficial, such as cleaning your teeth or exercising, while others are detrimental, such as drug usage or alcohol consumption.

What you’re doing is retraining your brain, whether you’re developing healthy or harmful habits. Repetitive tasks develop new brain circuits that become permanent. That is why breaking harmful behaviors is so tough. To change such patterns, you must actually rewire your brain by introducing newer and healthier activities and repeat them until you have formed a healthy habit out of them.

3. Seek Help From Your Support System

Family, friends, coworkers, participants in recovery meetings, sponsors, and therapists are all examples of support systems. Even though it’s difficult, expressing sentiments might help you understand and take accountability for the next actions you need to take.

Joining and being involved in a recovery community is also important because it allows for the development of relationships between individuals who have similar experiences and can relate to one another. This community can help you overcome the challenges that you might face in your recovery journey.

4. Consider Which Situations Are Risky

Sometimes when you keep seeing the people you used to take drugs with or going to places you used to go to take drugs, you fall back into the habit of taking drugs. To avoid such situation, it is necessary that you avoid spending time with people with whom you used to take drugs and you avoid going to places where you intake alcohol.

Stay away from “party spots” and if it’s inevitable, take a sober companion with you who will keep you accountable and keep things in check just in case you are tempted to drink and do drugs. Change your definition of partying if you have to and find other productive ways to celebrate; these things will really help you avoid risky situations.

5. Get Away From The Stress

Stress is reported to increase the chances of relapse. Work stress, family problems, and some personal problems and stress can increase the chances of relapse. The best way to tackle this? Stay away from stress-y situations as much as you can and when you can’t, make sure that you seek therapy and help from external sources to solve that problem.

Learn to say “no” to demands that will drain your energy, and explore healthy chances which might make you say “yes”. If you are living in a big city then you have great chances of making your life stress-free. You can have picnics and productive hangouts with your friends, go on visits to different places and rewire your brain and emotions every now and then.

6. Don’t Give Up

If you do use it again and again after stopping, don’t give up. Find out in which situation you started using again and think about how you can react differently next time. For example, seeking distraction and doing something else. If you really don’t succeed, seek help from an addiction care center and sign up for rehab treatment and therapy.

Bottom Line

Drug addiction and alcohol consumption is nowadays a common practice in big cities. Being a citizen of a big city it’s hard to stay away from drugs and alcohol once you start taking it. But there is nothing to worry about. Charleston rehab services are always present beside you to make you stay away from drugs and alcohol.

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