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Choosing a Student Accommodation: Must Have Facilities and Questions To Ask

Your job as a student does not stop by picking a top university abroad. Choosing a comfortable accommodation is another crucial task performed by every student.

It would be helpful to visit some of the sources such as which provides students with impressive facilities to secure life away from home.

In Sydney, 90.9% of students rent accommodation privately, with 4.1% living in university accommodation.

So, what should the best student accommodation offer? To put it simply, it should be a blend of personal space for quiet study time and also located amid a busy neighbourhood for grasping the new culture.

Beyond co-curricular activities, communal facilities, and student groups, an essential aspect you would be looking for is comfort. Who does not want a cosy abode to rest after a long day of lectures and assignments?

Therefore, here are a few must-have facilities you should look for before picking an accommodation:

Security Amenities

Hearing cases of students getting attacked in broad daylight is not new. Thus, a resident with adequate security becomes cardinal for your peace of mind.

Most of the student residents today offer a 24×7 surveillance camera. Moreover, some even have an alarm system that comes in handy in times of emergency.


In cases where the accommodation is away from the campus, inquiring about the transport links should be your next priority.

You would not want to spend more than 20 mins on a bus when you could spend your time exploring the campus.

Laundry Services

Another basic amenity you must consider before picking your home is the laundry service. Few residents offer in-unit washers and dryers that you can share with your roommates.

In contrast, others have a standard laundry room in the building to save you from the hassle of hand-washing every other day.

Social Spaces

Though not a priority, as a student, you need social interaction to construct connections with your peers and seniors hailing from different cultural backgrounds.

Student accommodations offer game areas, lounge, sports facilities, etc, for developing engagement among students.

Questions to Ask:

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  • What is your budget?

With multiple student accommodation options available, re-analyzing your budget is vital. Does it align with your budget? Does it exceed your expectations? If you are short on cash, you can pick accommodation with basic facilities for starters.

  • What is the location like?

Being a student in a new place can be overwhelming. Thus, you must check if the community is welcoming or dynamic or quiet or safe. These parameters will help you decide on an ideal location.

  • Is it an all-inclusive bill?

Few accommodations expect you to pay separately for electricity, water, internet, etc. This system can be pretty inconvenient. Hence, look for a resident that offers you an all-inclusive rent that will be much cheaper.

  • Is the accommodation well-managed and safe?

Before shifting your stuff, you should reconsider the maintenance facilities offered by the building. For this, double-check that the resident is owned by a professional landlord who maintains the cleanliness of the accommodation.

An accommodation run by good management would also ensure all students’ security and safety measures.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your accommodation is a big decision to make in your student life. Here is where you would spend a substantial piece of your scholarly life. Keeping these checklists prepared will help you go a long way in picking a student resident in a secure and nurturing environment.

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