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5 Reasons to Migrate your Business Data to the Cloud

The business arena is changing and most companies are already on the cloud due to the many benefits remote data storage offers. You may have heard the word ‘cloud’ and are unsure about the specific meaning, or it is something you noted that warrants further investigation, either way, here are some great reasons to migrate your business to the cloud.


Imagine a world where all of your employees could access the data they need from any location! They can update files in real time and working from home suddenly becomes an option. If the only reason your staff go to the office is to access data, then being on the cloud empowers you by lifting geographical restrictions and who doesn’t want to work from the comfort of their own home?

You are at the airport on your way to a very important business meeting and you suddenly remember you don’t have the slideshow presentation on your laptop; no problem, simply connect to the web and you can download the file onto your device.

Total cybersecurity

The top cloud services provider in Toronto can make sure that your data is always secure; the number of cyber-attacks on small businesses in Canada is on the rise and the best way to protect your critical data is to enlist the help of an IT support outfit. There’s a one stop solution for all your IT needs; cloud networking, cyber-security, VoIP communication and even hardware support.

Digitalise all your paperwork

If you would like to get rid of those bulky filing cabinets, have a local IT support company set up a secure cloud network and they will scan all paperwork and upload it onto the cloud. This means staff can instantly bring up a document on their workstation screen without having to go looking for the original paper, saving time and boosting productivity. Click here for tips on how to balance your business finances.

Free up your computing resources

Your office computers have a lot of data to process, yet cloud solutions take that away, leaving office computers with plenty of drive space, speeding up things in general. Terabytes of data makes a computer very slow, which is yet another reason to migrate all business data to a secure cloud network that is managed 24/7 by industry professionals.

Data access control

By creating a series of permission hierarchies, you can limit what different employees can access; you don’t really want accounting staff to be looking at design or sales data and it is really easy to set up such permissions. Only a select few people should have access to everything; you and perhaps senior managers, are the only people that would need unlimited access.

If you would like to learn more and discover exactly how cloud solutions can help your business, a Google search will help you source a Toronto based IT services provider and they have all the solutions to empower your business.

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